Mi Ti:Maldini will renew his contract soon, Milan will buy at least 1 central defender, 2 midfielders and 1 right wing – yqqlm

Original title: Rice body: Maldini’s contract renewal is imminent, Milan will buy at least 1 central defender, 2 midfielders and 1 right wing Rice body: Maldini’s contract extension is imminent, Milan will buy at least 1 central defender, 2 midfielders and 1 right wing Live it, June 24, Gazzetta dello Sport, Maldini is very close … Read more

In China you get a free pig when you buy a house | NOW

Desperate after the troubles at real estate giant Evergrande, Chinese home sellers are taking extreme steps to attract buyers. For example, there are companies that accept grain and garlic as means of payment. One company even gives pigs away to anyone who buys a house, writes CNN. The Chinese real estate sector has not been … Read more

The worm moved from Slavia to Liberec, the people of Prague can buy it

Midfielder Lukáš Červ moved from Slavia to Liberec, with which he signed a long-term contract. However, Praguers have the right to repurchase a 21-year-old footballer for a predetermined amount. The clubs informed about it on their websites. “This is the same model as for Denis Višinský. Thanks to the transfer, the players gain a firm … Read more

So you can buy and sell dollars in Banesco Online and Mobile

Still don’t know how to acquire dollars in Banesco Online and Mobile? Using the “green account” you will be able to buy or sell your currencies quickly and safely. now you can perform online operations of buying and selling dollars that are debited from your account in bolivars and credited to your Green Account, according … Read more

Merciless Scourge of Inflation: Fewer Families Qualify to Buy a Home

An enormous gap between the inflation that is beginning to hit the income of the Puerto Ricansthe rise in housing prices, the increase in interest rates Mortgage rates and the limited inventory of homes on the island have created the perfect storm for fewer families to qualify to purchase a home. This was revealed by … Read more

The Agricultural Bank of Egypt announces savings certificates with the highest interest – wait, what will I buy?

The Agricultural Bank of Egypt issues a number of savings certificates In front of new or existing customers who want to buy savings pots, especially in light of the global economic crisis, which led to the announcement of many central banks in various countries. There is a state of high anticipation for the decisions that … Read more

BCRA fails to buy dollars, will it comply with the IMF?

Within the framework of the agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF)the Central Bank (BCRA) have a a goal of US$4.1 billion accumulation of reserves for this first half of the year, but pessimism regarding this possibility is very strong in the market, because Many estimate that the BCRA I should buy Dollars at a … Read more

Fewer Puerto Rican families qualify to buy their own home – Metro Puerto Rico

The Affordable Housing Index, prepared by Technical Studies Inc., decreased in March of this year, after the continuous increase in house prices and a deterioration, due to inflation, of the purchasing power of consumers that makes it difficult for them to qualify for loans. mortgages. Economist Leslie Adames, Director of Analysis and Economic Policy at … Read more

Tips to deal with the bear market .. Is the decline an opportunity to buy more assets?

Young investors can treat the sharp drop in stocks this year as a buying opportunity, and older investors may not be able to wait for it to recover. And now Most of the investors in the markets are wondering how to deal with the current bear market, However, the sad thing is that the possibility … Read more