The developer of Pizza Tower urged not to buy his game on Steam due to inadequate regional prices. The game has 99% on Steam

Pizza Tower got off to a good start on Steam and received rave reviews, but soon the developer urged not to rush to buy a new game On January 26, Pizza Tower was released on Steam. The platformer Pizza Tower was liked by many, the game received 99% positive reviews from more than 1300 pieces. … Read more

A 100% positive platformer and a quirky RPG are being removed from Steam. Last chance to buy Mike Dies and Dark Scavenger

Games are periodically removed from Steam. The studio announced the closure, which threatens the availability of its games in the free sale on Steam Psydra Games has announced its closure. The studio has a couple of games on Steam that they plan to remove from sale on Steam in the near future. Platformer Mike Dies … Read more

CHAYO Cheat Scammers Wade to buy debt to support the port through a hundred thousand million. – stock dimensions

Stock dimension-Mr. Suksan Yasasin, Chief Executive Officer of Chayo Group Public Company Limited or CHAYO, who operates both secured and unsecured asset management business. Debt tracking business lending business and customer service center business, revealed that at present, “Chayo Capital Company Limited” which is a subsidiary of the Company Claimed by crooks by notifying the … Read more

3 Most Expensive Luxury Cars in the World, The Prices Make Your Head Shake and Only Real Sultans Can Buy – Although luxury cars can’t buy it yet, but just to find out and make it a dream, okay? Rich people in Indonesia are no strangers to brands and sales luxury cars the price is “wow” and very impossible if owned by people in general. Some well-known brands such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes Benzmay … Read more

You can still buy the cheapest tickets to the “Bauska TASTE” festival –

The sale of tickets for the fifth music festival “Bauska TASTE”, which will take place on August 4 and 5 this year, the portal was informed by the Bauska Culture Center. Content will continue after the ad. Until February 28 (inclusive), it is possible to buy an “early bird” ticket, the price of which this … Read more

How much is a motorcycle worth and where is it better to buy it?

Motorcycles gain popularity in a context in which fuel increases in price, as does car maintenance For iProfessional 28/01/2023 – 19,16hs Las motos are gaining ground in 2023 because it is a small vehiclecon low maintenance costs and taxescompared to a car (except luxury motorcycles), which is why many people wonder how much is a … Read more

SET50 Index Futures price trend swings up, foreigners buy more net – stock dimension

Factors affecting the SET50Last Friday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed up 28 points (+0.08%) to close at 33,978 points after the December Core PCE Price index rose 4.4%YoY, in line with market expectations. In addition, investors are waiting to follow the outcome of the Federal Reserve meeting on Wednesday night. As for the direction, … Read more

The real payer! Buikin spends 6 digits to buy this thing for Phi Phi as a New Year’s gift.

Is a couple that has a fan club following all over Asia for “Bukkin-Phi Phi”, both of whom are famous from the series Love Exchange. Most recently (January 30, 2023), both of them had the most satisfying moment for the fans to see each other again when Bukin surprised PP by paying heavily for New … Read more

These three luxury brands are still active in Russia: “Oligarchs can easily buy a Rolls-Royce” | Abroad

Once Moscow began its invasion of Ukraine, many Western weeks decided to withdraw from Russia. One of the Western sanctions was to stop new deliveries of luxury goods to Russia. Today you will not easily find a Chanel, Tiffany or Hugo Boss store that is still open. Yet three famous British luxury brands are still … Read more