Russian soldiers must buy their own equipment and medicines before going to the front / Article

SIM cards and pod phones are also being purchased at an increased rate. News is being received more and more often that the first recently mobilized Russian soldiers are already in Ukraine, on the front lines, including suffering the first losses. Russian soldiers must buy their own equipment and medicines before going to the front … Read more

that’s when they’ll see the least. Eur / Usd, buy or sell?

Below is the interview with Davide Biocchi, professional trader, to whom we asked some questions on currencies, on some commodities and on the expected scenarios for the stock exchanges. The euro-dollar is turning back after the sharp progress of the eve. What are the expectations for the next sessions? Speaking of the euro-dollar, we cannot … Read more

It has been leaked that the price of butter will soon be brutally expensive. It has to stand as much as ever. People won’t buy it at that price anymore

If anyone thought that the main wave of food price hikes was behind us, they should reduce their optimism considerably. On the contrary, more and more news from the food industry indicates that a real increase in prices is yet to come. Manufacturers must act now While in the spring, retail chains in particular allowed … Read more

buy weapons yourself, directly to the front

@mobilizationnews (telegram) NOS News•Wednesday, 19:51 Paul Alexander editor Abroad Paul Alexander editor Abroad Those who are called up in Russia these days to go to Ukraine will receive an urgent warning from the defense ministry: the use of a mobile phone is strictly prohibited. Yet countless videos appear from training centers and barracks from all … Read more

The cheapest neighborhoods in Italy to buy a house in the main cities – idealista / news

According to the last idealista report il average selling price of used houses recorded in Italy in August is 1,820 euro / m2 (down by 0.4% after five monthly increases). To understand what the cheaper neighborhoods to buy a house in the main cities (after reviewing the most expensive e the most affordable ones for … Read more

Discount of Rp. 4 Million Electric Motor Selis Sold Rp. 11 Million to 14 Million Immediately Buy While at the Exhibition Selis Agats discount IDR 4 million MOTOR – This is an opportunity for those who are looking for electric motor ada discount big. Discount IDR 4 million electric motor selis sold for Rp. 11 million to 14 million, buy it quickly while it is playing, it becomes cheap. As we know selis have … Read more

These 4 Cars Will Present The Latest Generation Version, The Specifications Make ‘Fainting’, Are You Ready To Buy?

iNSulteng – Here’s a list of 4 mobil this will present the latest generation version in the automotive world. Row mobil it is the most popular and most in demand. Emergence mobil latest generation due to the increasing demand for SUVs and MPVs. Even following the development of the automotive market in the world. Read … Read more

Microsoft plans to buy major Japanese game publishers to expand Xbox Game Pass content – mashdigi

Related rumors,MicrosoftplanAdd more Japanese-created game content to make the Xbox Game Pass service more rich in game content, and has now negotiated acquisitions with major Japanese game publishers. According to former FanByteer and Game Informer reporter Imran Khan in an interview on the YouTube channel “Giant Bombcast”, Microsoft is currently negotiating acquisitions with major Japanese … Read more