CH producer Kurt Uenala – buying office chairs with Depeche Mode frontman Dave Gahan – Radio SRF 3

Contents On three of the latest Depeche Mode albums, a Swiss man had his fingers in the synth game. But first he had to go shopping for office supplies with the singer. With “Memento Mori”, Depeche Mode will release their first album on March 24th since the sudden death of founding member Andy Fletcher (60) … Read more

Vaayu Report: Buying Used Vinted Is A Better Climate Choice Than Buying New

Buying second-hand fashion at Vinted instead of buying new saves an average of 1.8 kgCO₂e per item Vinted, Europe’s largest online peer-to-peer platform for second-hand fashion, has announced its first climate impact reports the results. A comprehensive and independent analysis was carried out by climate technology startup Vaayu. The report shows the climate impact of … Read more

Fortune favors fools! Huang Tenghui’s credit card was blindly used by his mother-in-law to buy a house, and now he is very grateful: he dare not scold her for buying indiscriminately | Entertainment | CTWANT

The interaction between actor Huang Tenghui and his mother-in-law is very amusing. (Photo/Reposted from Huang Tenghui’s Facebook page) Actor Huang Tenghui has been married to his wife Osmunda for more than 10 years. The couple have one daughter and two sons. The family is happy and happy. When Huang Tenghui was on the show recently, … Read more

The Judge of Buying and Selling Articles, Strengthening Moral Affairs

Jakarta – Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Mahfud Md dismantling the modus operandi of judges can buy and sell articles. He said that this is usually done by judges who do not have integrity. “To win, this is the article, here is the law. If you lose, this is the article, here … Read more

Open the list of ‘Thai’, ranked in the top 10 worlds, buying the most ‘gold’ in 2009-2021

information from world gold council (World Gold Council) on demandgoldOf central banks around the world for the last 30 years or from 1992 to 2022, it was found that there was a clear change in the gold purchase policy of each country after the birth.Tom Yum Kung Crisis” in the year 1997 and “global financial … Read more

42.6 years old in Wallonia, “more and more motorists who have passed their forties are buying a motorcycle”

Let’s start with the good news. “The number of motorcycle accidents has fallen by 15% over the past ten years,” points out Benoît Godart of the Vias Institute. Last year, 65 bikers were killed, compared to 106 a decade earlier. The result is all the more noteworthy since the number of motorcycle registrations has increased … Read more

For the car to the neighbors. The exchange rate of the koruna increases when buying abroad, it almost always pays off

On the one hand, the strong koruna in recent months has worried exporters, but on the other hand, it has helped to create a more favorable exchange rate against foreign currencies. A lot of people regularly go shopping abroad, but it doesn’t always have to be just food and cosmetics. How expensive are new cars … Read more

Credit Suisse’s financial crisis stimulates safe-haven buying and the US dollar surges by more than 1% | Anue tycoon-Foreign Exchange

Credit Suisse (Credit Suisse) admitted that there were major missing financial reports in the past two years, dragging down the stock price. After the stock price plummeted, investors were once again worried about the outbreak of a comprehensive banking crisis.dollar indexOn Wednesday (15th), the stock price surged more than 1%. ICE, which tracks the dollar … Read more