Wiggert saves rainforest by buying it: ‘Too crazy for words’

Buying and giving away rainforest? Sounds strange, but it’s possible. Wiggert is going to buy it from a restaurant owner in Brazil who overheard him talking about his plan. Chance? “I don’t believe in that. It had to be that way,” he says. The woman needed money and wanted to get off the land. It … Read more

Addicted to Buying Ships from PT PAL, the Philippines Successfully Finds an Export Lading Dock Deal from Indonesia

ZONAJAKARTA.com – PT PAL Indonesia dan Department of National Defense (DND) Filipina has succeeded in finding an agreement on exports Landing Dock ke Filipina. The deal was held at the Ministry of National Defense Filipina on Friday, June 24, 2022. The signing was also carried out by the CMO PT PAL Indonesia Willgo Zainar with … Read more

Private electricity consumption – Bad surprise after buying an electric car

– Bad surprise after buying an electric car If you want to charge your electric car at home, you should find out whether the home connection has enough capacity. Otherwise there is a risk of an expensive upgrade. Or a longer loading time. Published: 06/24/2022, 12:29 A strong power connection is not available everywhere. Or … Read more

Buying a car by direct import: Advantages and disadvantages

Not all vehicle lines on the international market arrive in Colombia. For this reason, some prefer to import them directly into the country. By Sully Catherine Santos Herrera.Special collaboration for EL CARRO COLOMBIANO. Last May, they enrolled 22,435 new cars in Colombia, an increase of 52.5% compared to 2021, according to data from RUNT and … Read more

How will cash purchases be rounded up from July? Here are some examples! – Consumer – Useful truth

Rounding will only apply to cash payments. The final amount of the purchase paid non-cash – by payment card, mobile phone, smart watch and the like, is not rounded. One and two cent coins remain legal tender after 1 July, so the obligation to accept them in cash payments continues to apply. The final purchase … Read more

Buying a house foreclosed on the bank — idealista/news

Buy house involves a thorough research of existing properties on the market. We analyze by typology, zones and prices. when we intend buy a house for one most affordable price, There are several hypotheses, including the pawned houses. These can be purchased from public and private entities. Buying houses pledged to public entities within the … Read more

A twisted tachometer reveals several tricks. When buying used cars, it is always good to be careful – Autozine

You are going through the advertisement of used cars, you are interested in several cars and you start to examine their parameters. One of the important information is definitely the raid of a used car. The problem with many used cars, however, is that a given raid may not fully correspond to reality. Many cars … Read more

Gas, Italy has not yet raised the alert level and remains in a state of early warning. But in the meantime he starts buying coal

Italy will not go from the level of early warning to that of the alarm on the gas situation. This is the technical opinion of the Scientific technical committee which met today at the Ministry of Ecological Transition. The situation – it was assessed – is very clear, monitoring is already high and this allows … Read more