Sony denies calling the PS4 to stop production in order to rescue the shortage of PS5 market | 4Gamers

The epidemic has disrupted the situation, and the PS5 is still a long way from a large number of global supplies; a while ago, it was reported that the PS4, which has been discontinued, will return to the market to share the market gap of the PS5 out of stock. Sony clarified the matter through … Read more

Germany is calling for a fundamental change in climate policy. The Chancellor no longer wants to wait for slow countries – ČT24 – Czech Television

In his speech, Scholz focused on the ambitions of Germany and the European Union as a whole on climate change. “Europe has decided to become the first zero-carbon continent by 2050. Germany wants to achieve this goal as early as 2045. It is a huge task, but a task that we can and will manage, … Read more

Indian monk jailed after calling for Muslim ‘genocide’

India has indicted a Hindu monk on charges of inciting religious violence. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, NEW DELHI – Indian authorities have charged a Hindu monk with charges of inciting religious violence. Police said he called for “genocide” against Indian Muslims at a rally of right -wing supporters. Yati Narsinghanand Giri is a vocal supporter of far-right nationalists … Read more

Microsoft updates its Your Phone app for a better calling experience on Windows 11

The Your Phone app on Windows 11 got a new calling experience, as the company confirmed that the Your Phone app will receive a new update with Windows 11 build 22533 that will improve the calling experience. The update is all about updating the visual elements of the Your Phone app’s calling screen, the update … Read more

VDD has initiated an accusation against a person for calling against the state of Latvia in radio broadcasts / Diena

V Under no circumstances should any action be taken against the state for whatever the state does! There is one animal that, when caught in a predator’s teeth, makes no sound, and that is a sheep. We must now be exactly the same and patiently endure everything that the state does to them, so I … Read more

Calling our correspondent in China: ‘My biggest question is whether Xi is keeping it all under control’

A construction worker drags a wheelbarrow behind him. In the background the Olympic skating stadium under construction.Image Wang Zhao / AFP In the first days of the new year, editors of de Volkskrant forward to the year 2022. Are Chinese looking forward to the Winter Games, which start in February? ‘There is a form of … Read more

Tesla is calling in almost half a million Model 3 and Model S cars

The American electric car manufacturer Tesla is calling over 475,000 Model 3 and Model S cars for service due to problems with the reversing camera and trunk, which increase the risk of an accident. The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) informed about it today. The total number of vehicles called is close to … Read more

The U.S. is calling for an arms embargo on the country after the massacre in Myanmar

“Targeting innocent people and humanitarian actors is unacceptable, and widespread military atrocities against the Burmese people underline the urgent need to bring its members to justice,” said US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, using the former Myanmar name. “The international community must step up its efforts to prevent a recurrence of violent crimes in Burma, … Read more

Amparo Grisales responds to those who try to insult her by calling her “grandmother” | Entertainment

Amparo Grisales He spoke in an interview with Blu Radio about the details of his character in the movie El paseo 6, which premiered on December 23. She also commented that some netizens have tried to insult her by calling her “Grandma”. “People think it is an insult to call me grandmother”, said the actress … Read more

Aerin Yuktathat tells the minute cha with the crooks Insulted to the point of calling back to curse!

For a girl, Aerin Yuktathat, who was called by a strange number, pretended to be involved in the case. The person posted that This number just called to say that the air conditioner was involved in some lawsuits. We know that because our friends have been called like this, they come to deceive us and … Read more