10 automatic cars for less than $3.5 million

More and more people are looking for cars with automatic gearbox, even if it is entry-level. The options of Toyota, Peugeot and Fiat, some of the favorites By iProfessional 23/09/2022 – 07,32hs The supply of cars and SUVs with automatic gearbox multiplied in recent timesand what years ago was a privilege of high-end models, today … Read more

Toyota Etios auctioned off at unusual prices: how to participate

The Narvaezbid auction site auctions several vehicles, among which these makes and models are offered. How to participate and until when By iProfessional 22/09/2022 – 19,15hs The online site specialized in Narvaezbid auctions presented two new auctions at very low prices. It’s about two autos Toyota Etios (models 2015 and 2016) and the requirements are … Read more

After increases in services, what salaries does a typical family need

In September 2021, the basket of services was $101.66, while in September 2022 this same family should spend $118,928. The details By Damián Di Pace – Economic Analyst 22/09/2022 – 09,40hs It will be difficult for the Government to lower the inflation for the rest of the year finding a new monthly floor of 6%. … Read more

now export LED displays to Europe and Africa

“Never lower your arms” is Javier Miranda’s motto and also the title of his book, in which he tells his story: that of a born entrepreneur who he knew how to take every crisis as an opportunity to reconvert and get ahead when everything seemed lost. In the early 2000s, Miranda had managed to set … Read more

25 Best Islamic Universities in the World UniRank 2022 Version, Indonesian Campus Enters

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How much does it cost to maintain the Citroën C4 Cactus SUV car per month

The Citroën C4 Cactus arrived on the market in 2017, imported from Spain, and a year later production began in Brazil. Since then, not only have sales multiplied, but the price of this auto SUV it became one of the cheapest in the category. The brand knew how to take advantage of this trend and, … Read more

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what are they and how much are they?

Los SUV cars They long ago became car market favoritesboth for the equipment and design that make them more practical for day-to-day use, as well as for their aptitude for outings outside the city and experiencing more adventurous paths. Brands contribute to this trend with a offer that is increasingly wide, since they sell from … Read more

If I put 10,000 pesos in a fixed term, how much do I earn?

After the last increase in the interest rate of the fixed term: How much do I earn with a 30-day deposit? How much does $10,000 pay in a month or a year in 2022? By iProfessional 16/09/2022 – 13,26hs Currently, the floor for deposits of fixed term at 30 days with a maximum capital of … Read more