Madeleine of Sweden brings out her wedding tiara matching a Cartier bracelet for her new gala photos

The Royal Court of Sweden has shared new photos of the family members and Princess Madeleine made an impression in her floral dress, wearing her wedding tiara on her head and a Cartier bracelet on her wrist. The second daughter of the King of Sweden is sumptuous in this series of official photos on the … Read more

Cartier files a complaint against Tiffany for unfair competition

By AFP Published on 1 mars 2022 The Cartier jewelry house, owned by the Swiss group Richemont, has filed a complaint in the United States against Tiffany & Co, which belongs to the French LVMH, for “unfair competition”, she said on Tuesday. Cartier jewelry exists since 1847, in Paris – AFP Senior executives of the … Read more

Lily Collins, Vanessa Kirby, Lou Doillon … Cartier launches its Clash Unlimited jewelry collection in Berlin

New free variation on the punk theme of the Clash line, this daring collection was launched in Europe in an equally atypical place: the Boros Bunker in Berlin. While the year 2021 is dedicated to its legendary icons (Trinity, Panther, Love Where Tank), Cartier also stirs up the embers of its newcomers by offering Clash … Read more

Clash Unlimited: L’EXTRAVAGANCE CARTIER – Moroccan ladies

La collection capsule Clash [un]limited sets no limits while making fun of style dictates, with its exaggerated volumes and the extravagance of the staves. Mitten watch, pocket jewelry, two-finger rings or double rings on the hand, ear jewelry, clip to wear inside or throughout the ear, reversible bracelets and necklaces, the Clash collection [Un]limited makes … Read more

Cartier unveils the Tank Must, a timepiece that never stops

The Tank model is a unique model of Cartier Since its first appearance in 1917, it has been a trusted timepiece. Of many famous figures such as Vadgart Andy Warhol, the famous pop art artist. Worn on the wrist at all times, there are also French actress Catherine Deneuve, British actress Charlotte Lampling, songwriter and … Read more