BOLA – Casa Pia thanks Santa Clara’s solidarity (Liga)

Casa Pia issued a statement in which it thanked the solidarity shown by Santa Clara in the visit of Pina Manique’s team to the Azores, at the start of the League, in a game that ended in a 0-0 tie). «Casa Pia hereby highlights the solidarity shown by CD Santa Clara in our recent visit … Read more

Alaïa, the daughter of Toni Costa and Adamari López, appears in ‘La Casa de los Famosos’ and her father can’t stand the tears

Alaia came to ‘The House of the Famous’ in the final week, but through a video. The daughter of Toni Costa appeared on the TV screen in the house with a message for his father, who is one of the four finalists. “Hello how are you Daddy? You know that you are already a winner, … Read more

This was the electrifying reunion of Laura Bozzo with Daniella Navarro outside ‘La Casa de los Famosos’

Daniella Navarro and Laura Bozzo they met outside ‘The House of the Famous’. The television presenter of Peruvian origin had left the Telemundo program more than a week ago, somewhat angry with the Venezuelan due to the sentimental relationship that she now has with Nacho Casano, who is one of the four finalists. The reunion … Read more

Simplified smart working from September: all the news

Measures such as the Aid bis decree or the Simplification Decree, which has just been approved in the Senate, bring a series of innovations in the field of agile work: fragile workers and parents of children under 14 will be able to continue working from home without the need for go to the office. News … Read more

Laura Bozzo gives her first words after leaving ‘La Casa de los Famosos’

Laura Bozzo It was the last eliminated ‘The House of the Famous’ and the five finalists are known. The television presenter of Peruvian origin left the Telemundo reality show after facing Nacho Casano, Daniella Navarro, Toni Costa and Salvador Zerboni, who are already in the final along with Ivonne Montero. After leaving the house, Laura … Read more

In ‘La Casa de los Famosos’ Daniella Navarro had a “very hormonal” reaction with Nacho Casano by Ivonne Montero

The final stage of ‘The House of the Famous’ is here and the conflicts between the members that continue in the Telemundo reality show are not lacking. On this occasion, the protagonists of the situation have been Daniella Navarro and Nacho Casano, who were talking about Ivonne Montero, who became the first finalist of the … Read more

the councils of the State Police

It is a new vademecum, updated, by the State Police and Airbnb: it is the prevention campaign for those who approach online bookings for the first time, to recognize and stay away from the most common fraud attempts. Because it is true that you book accommodation online for the holidays it is easy, but there … Read more

It lasts 6 hours and is the same as La Casa de Papel: the Netflix miniseries that sweeps

This Korean production recently premiered on the platform and is already one of the most chosen. Netflix 2022 is full of good news for the company since there are many releases that quickly become all the rage on the platform, as is the case with “The Paper House: Korea”the Asian version of the iconic Spanish … Read more

Zelensky: “We will do everything to bring Ukrainian men and women home”

Kiev, 30 June 2022 “Optimistic and very important news: 144 Ukrainian warriors have been repatriated from Russian captivity. 59 soldiers of the National Guard, 30 – Navy; 28 – army, 17 border guards, 9 territorial defense soldiers, 1 policeman. The eldest of the liberated is 65, the youngest 19. In particular, 95 Azovstal defenders are … Read more

by how much the installment increases

Il change of course by the ECB it will also have a tangible impact on mortgages. With the risk, as well as an increase in costs for those who turned them on, to have depressive effects on the real estate market, discouraging sales as early as next autumn. Variable rate As a result of the … Read more