Ammonia from livestock farms is transformed into natural fertilizer | Livestock context

Ammonia emissions are one of the most important pollutants generated in agricultural and livestock activities. These sectors are responsible for more than 93% of ammonia emissions in the European Union. This is stated by the portal of the Instituto Tecnológico Agrario de Castilla y León (Itacyl), in Spain, where it says that these emissions cause … Read more

Ghent University research opens the way for the breeding of virus-resistant honey bees – Landbouwleven – The weekly magazine for the Flemish country

New research from the Honeybee Valley team, led by Professor Dirk de Graaf (UGent), shows that honeybees’ resistance to viruses is genetically determined. This represents a breakthrough in the approach to winter mortality in our bees. HOning bees are under pressure, partly because of the parasitic Varroa mite that develops in the brood and the … Read more

Coronavirus infection: cattle can also become infected

Not only humans can be affected by a coronavirus infection. Cattle and other animals can also become infected with the pathogen. Humans are not the only living beings who can become infected with the coronavirus. A Coronavirus contagion can also be done in animals. We already know that cats, for example, can become infected. Scientists … Read more

They raise a plan to vaccinate cattle against foot-and-mouth disease in Zulia

The University of Zulia, the College of Veterinary Doctors and all state institutions will participate in the plan. By: Web Writing 02:23 PM / 19/08/2020 The governor of Zulia, Omar Prieto, held this Wednesday, August 19, a meeting from the headquarters of Corpozulia with producers from Confagan and Fegalago, to promote agricultural production in the … Read more

Keira Knightley feels like ‘a piece of cattle’ on the red carpet | NOW

Keira Knightley felt like ‘a piece of cattle’ on the red carpet of the Golden Globes a few years ago, because the photographers in attendance gave the passing actresses grades. She says that AD. “While I try to do my work there as professionally as possible.” Knightley, 35, will star in the new film Misbehaviour, … Read more

Ustaz Asmala’s Death When Slaughtering Sacrificial Cattle, Suddenly Limp, Still Holding Machete Page all Slaughter atmosphere sacrificial animals in Kasambilan Village, Pontang Village, Pontang District, Regency attack, Banten suddenly turned into panic. Residents were surprised because a teacher of the Koran, Ustaz Asmala (58) who participated in the slaughter sacrificial cow suddenly drowned. Yet at that time the cow was still in the process of slaughtering. Despite having … Read more

Seven cattle souks intended for Aid Al Adha closed for non-compliance with sanitary measures

In a souk in Morocco. MAP Seven cattle souks intended for the sacrifice of Aid Al Adha were closed for failure to comply with the sanitary measures required to prevent the spread of Covid19, a joint statement from the Ministries of the Interior and Agriculture said on Tuesday , Maritime Fisheries, Rural Development and Water … Read more

Getting to know “Puang Tedong”, Jokowi’s Sacrificial Cattle Who Sleep on the Carpet Millions and Guarded Day and Night Page all – One of the cows that President Joko Widodo bought was given a mat carpet for sleeping for Rp. 2 million so you can sleep soundly. This was conveyed directly by the owner, Rahman Takka, a cattle rancher from Polewali Mandar, West Sulawesi. Not only carpets cost millions, Rahman also holds patrols every night … Read more