VVD MP Erik Ziengs stops: ‘Drenthe nominates three new candidates’

Erik Ziengs will turn 60 in September and wants to do other things, he said in the Radio Drenthe program this afternoon Cassata. Nice time “I had first said, when I started the House membership in 2010: I will do it for two periods. But it has now become three. I will not leave with … Read more

CDA wants clarity about mink farming quickly

The CDA government party wants clarity from agriculture minister Carola Schouten about the future of mink farming. “A decent government provides a generous stop-shop scheme,” says CDA MP Jaco Geurts. ‘That is fair for these entrepreneurs and important for public health.’ After another series of corona infections at mink farmers, companies that are not infected … Read more

Voting procedure CDA unclear after all? ‘Thank you for your vote for Hugo de Jonge’, even if you voted for Pieter Omtzigt! – The Daily Standard

The voting procedure in the party leader election of the CDA does not seem to have gone entirely smoothly. Some voters who thought they voted for Pieter Omtzigt claim to have received the message ‘Thank you for voting for Hugo de Jonge’. This also happened the other way around. What’s going on here?There seems to … Read more

Geert Wilders (PVV) demolishes quarantine droppings withdrawing Hugo de Jonge (CDA)

Anyone who has been close to a person infected with the corona virus is obliged to be quarantined, Minister of Health Hugo de Jonge (CDA) ordered Tuesday evening. And who does not stick to that, is at risk of prosecution (and that can add up up to four years in prison or 87,000 euros to … Read more

there is the turning point, the CDA is ready

Bernard Arnault (Getty Images) Calciomercato Milan, new rumors about the acquisition of the Rossoneri club by Arnault and the Louis Vuitton group: turning point coming soon They return to make themselves heard, optically Milan, rumors of Bernard’s possible purchase of the club Arnault, at the head of the group Louis Vuitton. Despite the ritual denials … Read more

Hugo de Jonge narrowly wins CDA party leader election

Hugo de Jonge is the new leader of the CDA. With 50.7 percent, he just got the necessary majority of the CDA members behind him. De Jonge thus defeated Pieter Omtzigt, who received 49.3 percent of the vote. Party chairman Rutger Ploum announces the result. CDA members took two rounds to determine who will be … Read more

First and last TV duel De Jonge and Omtzigt to lead CDA | Inland

De Jonge received the support of many CDA leaders and seemed to have almost won the party leadership, but Omtzigt offered so much resistance that a second round was needed. If Omtzigt wins, he wants to put Minister Hoekstra (Finance) forward as a figurehead in the cabinet. Baudet or Marijnissen One of the dilemmas presented … Read more