This is how the celebration of ‘National Holidays’ will be this coming September

Given the current difficult situation that we are going through as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, many of the festivities that are used to celebrate on the occasion of the celebration of national holidays in September have had to be suspended. An example of this are the customary inns, so the Government is planning … Read more

Chile suspends its main celebration of national holidays due to COVID-19

SANTIAGO (Sputnik) – The authorities of Santiago de Chile decided to cancel the main celebration of national holidays in the country in September due to the spread of the new coronavirus. “We decided that this 2020 there will be no diners in the O’Higgins Park, the message is that they stay at home, we can … Read more

National Assembly celebrates Friendship Day between Nicaragua and Venezuela

With popular folk music from both nations the National Assembly celebrated the Friendship and Fraternity Day of the Republic of Nicaragua and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, act in which solidarity, brotherhood and cooperation between the two peoples were ratified. The celebration was presided over by the Board of Directors of the National Assembly led … Read more

‘Meller’, responsible for the bullet attack in Soledad: Police

A criminal attack clouded the celebration for the triumph of the Colombian National Team against Venezuela this Friday night. Hit men murdered a man and left six people injured in events recorded in Carrera 21 with Calle 23, El Cortijo neighborhood, in the municipality of Soledad. Yesterday, in the morning, the Barranquilla Metropolitan Police ruled … Read more

Three capital communes join the suspension of National Holidays celebrations by Covid-19 | National

CONTEXT | Sebastián Beltrán | Agency One visits In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, at least six capital communes they have suspended the activities that they traditionally carry out for the National Holidays. In the first instance, it was the Municipality of Ñuñoa that announced the suspension of the celebrations at the National Stadium, … Read more

They celebrate the 41st Anniversary of the Triumph of the Sandinista Popular Revolution in Venezuela

The Nicaraguan Embassy in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela placed a Floral Offering on the Bust of the General of Free Men and Women Augusto Calderón Sandino, in the Plaza that bears his name in the Caracas city. This is part of the Commemoration carried out by the Diplomatic Headquarters for the 41 Anniversary of … Read more

Fact Checking 78: This 2020 there will be no celebration of National Holidays? Gloves and masks don’t protect against coronavirus?

Since March, after the arrival of the coronavirus in Chile, all kinds of activities began to be suspended, from sporting events, parties, recitals, private celebrations and more. Although we are in May, the design of the agenda for the second semester. The first major affected seems to be September 18, the traditional celebrations of National … Read more

The celebration of the appointment of Judge Barrett leaves a trail of contagions of covid-19 | USA elections

Donald Trump announces the nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett.SHAWN THEW / EFE When Donald Trump had already decided who would be the chosen woman to replace the iconic Ruth Bader Ginsburg in the Supreme Court, he lacked the place in which to stage the coup that would advance the electoral campaign trying to put … Read more

National Holidays at home: a different celebration

In a few more days we will face a new way of celebrating our so dear National Holidays. Since we Chileans have the use of reason, September 18 is a holiday not only related to the independence of our country, but in many cases it marks the end of winter and the rebirth of spring … Read more