Thousands crowd New York’s Central Park despite confinement measures

Life looked normal in Central Park over the weekend. Photo: Cindy Ord / Getty Images The good temperatures led thousands of New Yorkers to forget about the coronavirus pandemic this weekend. The Central park and other parks in the city had a greater turnout of people with temperatures reaching 70ºF. Videos on social media show … Read more

Central Park Hospital to Close on Fall in New York COVID-19 Cases

NY. An emergency hospital set up in Central Park in New York due to the coronavirus will close in about two weeks, when it finishes treating the last patients admitted there, the Christian group that directs it announced this Sunday, due to the decrease in cases in the city ​​that was the epicenter of the … Read more

Watch … “Central Park” turns into a hospital to treat corona – one world – outside the border

New York’s Central Park, the most tourist-friendly park, has turned into a makeshift field hospital for the treatment of people with coronavirus (Covid-19) after the state’s epidemic is spreading rapidly, and health structures are unable to absorb the increasing number of infected people, according to Reuters. Watch .. “Central Park” turns into a hospital to … Read more