The 1200 employees of Conbipel, the historic chain with stores in Cuneo, Saluzzo and Pocapaglia, are saved –

A mid-August of good news for the 1200 employees of the 167 Conbipel stores. Three are in the province of Granda: in Cuneo, at the Grande Cuneo shopping center, in Saluzzo and in Pocapaglia. The Ministry of Economic Development has in fact communicated that the industrial relaunch operation of the historic clothing chain based in … Read more

The world’s largest pizza chain is withdrawing from the homeland of pizza

The American Domino’s Pizza is also closing its last stores in Italy. The company operating its giant local stores, which is the world’s largest pizza chain, filed for bankruptcy because it could not compete with its competitors. The American Domino’s Pizza is completely withdrawing from Italy. ePizza SpA, which operates the Italian stores of the … Read more

Supply chain issues: Rolls-Royce repairs and recycles older parts

Supply chains are under pressure globally. Engine manufacturer Rolls-Royce must therefore use spare parts again. Relaxation is not yet in sight. The pandemic and war in Ukraine has put pressure on supply chains around the world. There are always bottlenecks at critical points – and this has a domino effect. Air Baltic, for example, has … Read more

Top 20 Chinese Discount Store Chain Brands with the Most Development Potential in

The impact of the epidemic, the economic downturn, the backlog of most brand products, the polarization of consumption in the macro market, the lowering of people’s expectations for future income, and the pursuit of “exquisite and economical” consumption psychology have brought huge development opportunities for discount stores. According to the iiMedia Research Consulting report, the … Read more

The introduction of the euro in Croatia. The Konzum supermarket chain has shown what the prices will be

Croatian holidays will be different next year. Especially when it comes to paying. Kunas in the wallet will replace euros. And the largest chain of Croatian supermarkets has already started preparing its customers for this. Therefore, double prices appeared on the shelves. Anyone who has ever been on vacation in Croatia and went shopping in … Read more

Messi humiliates a goalkeeper, monstrous free kick from Neymar: PSG chain incredible goals against Nantes (video)

Paris Saint-Germain did not miss their debut under the leadership of their new coach Christophe Galtier. The champion of France won 4-0, the Champions trophy, the Supercup of France, at the expense of FC Nantes, holder of the Cup, Sunday in Tel Aviv, Israel. Lionel Messi (22nd), Neymar (45th. +5) before the break, Sergio Ramos … Read more

Viral message chain of transmission of monkeypox carried by birds, is it?, Jakarta – A chain message circulating on WhatsApp related to hazard warning monkey pox (monkeypox) which is transmitted to birds. The essence of the chain message is that people avoid catching birds because they are considered to carry the monkeypox virus. The sound of a chain message of transmission of monkeypox to bird circulating … Read more

A large Czech chain started selling fruit and vegetables for a few crowns. People take it by storm, save decent money

The food market is in a very strange situation right now. On the one hand, food is constantly becoming more expensive, but on the other, it is also still thrown away in large quantities. Both factors have a clear influence on each other. Stores have to take into account that they simply won’t sell part … Read more

How to choose the right chain for the industry?

There is a large selection of chains for business that people are often interested in. However, after hearing the name of an online store selling industrial chains, many questions arise about how to choose. Since there are many types of circuits and they have different functions, it is important to understand them. The choice of … Read more

“A decision beyond our control”, the channel will no longer be available

Posted on Friday, July 29, 2022 at 11:41 a.m. Par Sudinfo The channel will no longer be offered in the operator’s offer from this Monday, August 1st. End clap. Less than two years after its arrival on Proximus Pickx, the “eSportsONE” channel is already packing up. As announced by our colleagues from Geeko, it is … Read more