The sponsorship of world top players became expensive for supermarket chain Jumbo

It happened on Wednesday for the umpteenth time this year. The Frenchman Christophe Laporte crosses the finish line solo in Dwars door Vlaanderen and holds his hands against his yellow-black shirt at the level of his stomach, to underline once again which team is the best this cycling spring: Jumbo-Visma. But the team bus is … Read more

Why Deutsche Bank also collapsed, European stock exchanges in chain falls but Scholz reassures: “It’s not Credit Suisse”

To end up in the crosshairs of speculation, after the collapses of Silicon Valley Bank and Credit Suissethis time it’s there Deutsche Bank. The sell-off was triggered by the sharp increase in Credit Default Swaps (CDS), the cost of purchasing insurance to protect against debt default, which reached a 4-year high. Deutsche Bank has been … Read more

“Maxima grup” invests 100 million Eur supply chain and operational efficiency-enhancing solutions

photo of Vladimir Ivanovs (V). Maxima grup, which manages retail chains and electronic stores in the Baltic states, Poland and Bulgaria, has committed to 2030. reduce our impact on the environment. It will also encourage partners to do so. At the group level until 2030 it is planned to reduce the negative impact by 42% … Read more

Křetínský became the largest shareholder of the French chain

Fnac Darty is a retail chain that sells books, music and electronics. French average reported on the development about a week after the media conglomerate Vivendi announced exclusive negotiations with one of the companies of the Cretan Empire on the sale of the Editis publishing house, which is the second largest in France. Křetínský, as … Read more

NatureToday | Rewilding to the bottom – for a complete food chain

Healthy soil teems with life. Micro-organisms, very small invertebrates and fungi work together to break down dead plants and animals and return the nutrients back into the food chain. This is how they make life on land possible. Yet we do not always treat soil life carefully: centuries of overexploitation and acidification lead to the … Read more

The female “pet chain leads the neck” and he crawled on the ground… The reason behind it was exposed and the police responded | International | CTWANT

A woman actually chained a man on the street, and the man was still crawling on the ground, causing heated discussions. (Picture / Recap of Sohu News) Recently, a video circulated on the land online, a woman was actually holding a man with an iron chain on the street, and the man was still crawling … Read more

Ewa Wachowicz in the most fashionable dress of this season. Perfect fit for women over 50. It rejuvenates and makes people look at you on the street. You can buy a similar one in a well-known chain store for pennies – Super Express

Ewa Wachowicz in the most fashionable dress of this season. You can buy a similar model for less than PLN 100 Intense green is to be one of the hot trends for the spring/summer 2023 season. It is a very universal color that, depending on the intensity and shade, suits practically everyone. It looks good … Read more

Bnews French retail chain ignores American silicon crisis and offers Assaí shares

The French retail chain Casino was not intimidated by the crisis triggered after the bankruptcy of the American Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and offered the shares of the Brazilian supermarket Assaí. The offer comes about two weeks after the end of the restriction on the sale of shares (“lock-up”) that was agreed by Casino in … Read more

The first seasonal discount of this year on Steam, a chain discount store, starts on the 17th

The first seasonal discount of this year on Steam, a chain discount store, starts on the 17th 2023.03.10 17:19 Game Mecca Reporter Kim Hyung-jong ▲ The Steam spring discount event starts at 3:00 am on the 17th (Korean time) (Photo source: Steam official YouTube) If you have a game that you couldn’t afford to buy … Read more

Maxima retail chain announces store opening hours during Easter

CHASING 2023 m. kovo 9 d. 09:14 aA The “Maxima” retail chain announces that its stores will not be open throughout Lithuania on the holiday Sunday, and will operate as usual on the second day of Easter, Monday. “Easter is the most important spring holiday that we celebrate with our loved ones, so a few … Read more