The game that changed his career at River and what Gallardo told him to convince him: the secrets of Rafael Santos Borré, told by his wife

Rafael Santos Borré, one step away from becoming the top scorer of the Marcelo Gallardo cycle at River (REUTERS / Andre Penner)In August 2017, the technical secretariat and Marcelo Gallardo made a plenary session with the hiring of a footballer who, until that moment, was a stranger” for most fans of Argentine soccer. River bet […]

The pandemic changed the film industry, Terri Thrush

ENMAYÚSCULA.- Since the pandemic originated in the world, many things have changed for the film industry. For almost six months, several productions were completely paralyzed, recordings were delayed, premieres were suspended and thousands of people had their source of income ceased. For Terri Thrush, a Panamanian producer dedicated to the seventh art for 25 years, […]

World Health Organization changed the name of the coronavirus

World Health Organization, WHO, decided to rename the coronavirus, after a meeting with at least 300 experts on the disease in the city of Geneva. The new name will be “Covid-19”, since according to commented “‘Co’ stands for corona, ‘vi’ for virus and ‘d’ for disease.” In addition, they said that the measure was taken […]

The incredible story of “Chavo metalero” and the meme that changed his life forever

It all started with someone who saw him look like Chavo del 8, put his photo next to that of Chespirito, The unforgettable Roberto Gómez Bolaños, and the joke hit. The joke went viral and reached the eyes of the whole world, literal. The 55-year-old musician and producer Claudio Gonzalez, a Moreno rocker that everyone […]

Forced by the protests, Piñera changed eight ministers

The president of Chile, Sebastián Piñera, removed eight of his ministers yesterday, including his questioned Interior Minister Andrés Chadwick, and appointed the liberal economist Ignacio Briones as head of the Treasury, in an attempt to deal with the social outbreak. In the midst of demonstrations in front of the La Moneda presidential palace at the […]

Cartoonist of Toy Story and creator of Lotso: “When it was released, the animation changed forever”

“Production Assistant Requested,” read an ad posted by Pixar in the early 2000s. Daniel Arriaga, at the time, a third-year design student at the Academy of Art College in San Francisco; He saw the open call and thought, “You know? It’s not going to hurt me, I’m going to apply and see what happens ”. […]

Sebastián Piñera changed his Minister of Health amid the controversy over the death toll from coronavirus in Chile

Chilean President Sebastián Piñera, new Health Minister Oscar Enrique Paris and former Health Minister Jaime Manalich (Reuters)The President of Chile, Sebastian Piñera, changed his Minister of Health in the middle of the crisis due to the coronavirus. Jaime Mañalich He left his post after it emerged that the country informed the World Health Organization (WHO) […]

PlayStation changed the trophy system: what are the new parameters

The most important modification is that trophy level is changed from 1-100 to 1-999. This will cause the users level to be adjustment automatically, taking as reference the new proportions. This level adjustment has two objectives. On the one hand, it will allow beginning players to advance more quickly. On the other hand, it will […]

Fifa changed the rules and Salomón Rondón will not play with Venezuela

Caracas.- Fifa decided on Thursday, October 1, to change the rules of the game regarding the issue of the transfer of players, allowing teams to refuse to transfer them if they considered it necessary due to the risks of the pandemic, and now the Vinotinto team will not be able to count on Salomón Rondón […]

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 vs. Galaxy Fold: what has changed? | Technology

The smartphone market has been stuck for a long time without providing new experiences to what it means to use the mobile. The folding screen and the second screen is a true revolution, and Samsung knows that whoever gets there first will have a lot to win. He Samsung Galaxy Fold it was a first […]