No Polio Cases Have Been Found in Bangka Regency, Here Are the Characteristics of a Child Affected by Polio

BANGKAPOS.COM, BANGKA – Bangka District Health Office confirmed, so far there has been no active polio case in the Bangka Regency area. If only one case is found in Bangka Regency, it will be declared a polio extraordinary event (KLB). “Until now, no active polio cases have been found in Bangka Regency. If there is … Read more

Here are the characteristics of diabetic wounds and how to treat them

Jakarta – Diabetes is a disease that is often experienced by the elderly. One of the causes is uncontrolled blood sugar levels. In addition, diabetes is often characterized by the appearance of sores on parts of the body, for example on the feet. Generally, there are two types of diabetic wounds namely wet and dry. … Read more

Three Characteristics of High Cholesterol Levels, Often Chest Pain Up to the Neck

TRIBUNCIREBON.COM- Here it is characteristics of high cholesterolcomplete with how to prevent it. Until high cholesterol uncontrolled can cause disease death, such as stroke, heart attack, and disease peripheral arteries (PAD). Actually cholesterol is not always bad for the body. That’s because the body actually needs these substances to support metabolic processes, build new cells, … Read more

photos, characteristics and all features

Months ago AvtoVAZ published development plans that indicate that the Russian company will follow the path of many foreign manufacturers. We are talking about the creation of several separate model series. Already aware of the development Granta families and electric e-Largus. However, AvtoVAZ will not stop there. The current situation in the Russian market allows … Read more

Scarlet and Purple Pokémon: characteristics, history and everything you need to know about the new installments of the saga | Price | Switch | Spain | Mexico | USA | TECHNOLOGY

On November 18th the new games of Pokemon Scarlet and Purple, exclusive to Nintendo Switch. The titles will introduce the ninth generation of Pokémon with a new story, creatures, region, and more. Scarlet and Purple are the first open world titles in Pokémon RPG history. So far, we know some details of the exclusive history, … Read more

Characteristics of Healthy Breasts that Women Need to Know Page all – There are characteristics that will indicate that breast normal and healthy woman. Collect NHS, Breast is one of the sexual parts in women that plays an important role in producing breast milk. It’s normal for every woman’s breasts to have a different size, shape, and consistency. Breast It can also change during puberty, … Read more

Frequently Change FWB Partners, These are 5 Characteristics of HIV Infection that Not Many Know! : Okezone health

MOMENT Many young couples are in a relationship just to get sexual pleasure. Hence the emergence of various new free sex terms, one of which is Friend With Benefit (FWB). If you change partners often FWB and often have unsafe sex, then there is a threat of HIV infection that you must understand. If you … Read more

OnePlus Nord CE 3: a leak reveals the characteristics of the next smartphone in the range

OnePlus’ mid-range “Nord” series will be expanded in 2023 with a new smartphone, the CE 3. The main technical characteristics of the device, which is planned for the beginning of the year, have just been unveiled. by Steve H. McFly. After the release of the OnePlus Nord CE 2 Lite 5G this year, the arrival … Read more

Download the robomind program for mobile and its most important characteristics and advantages

Download the RoboMind mobile program robomind, in the midst of the diversity and great development that we have been witnessing since ancient years until now in the field of technology and digital applications spread on various forms and types of smart devices, whether tablets or mobiles, the RoboMind program is one of the most prominent … Read more