Simple, cheap and invisible to radar. The Australians arranged cardboard drones for the Ukrainians

Corvo drones belong to the PPDS category, i.e. precision cargo delivery systems. According to the company, it is a “low-cost consumer drone for delivering supplies and equipment to areas where traditional means of logistics cannot reach.” They can, for example, deliver medicine or food packages to the soldiers defending Bachmut. However, at the request of … Read more

With the ID 2, Volkswagen brings the first cheap electric car

KAnyone who wants to buy an electric car with the VW logo needs around 40,000 euros on their account these days. Those responsible in Wolfsburg may have known for a long time that this can hardly be financed from the average income of a German (4105 euros gross per month) and that there is therefore … Read more

Cheap operations in Turkey. Seven people died, many returned with sepsis

Many Britons struggle with morbid obesity. Waiting for a gastric bypass surgery from public health care fund can take years, so more and more people are choosing to get treatment abroad. Turkey has become a popular and cheap destination. As the BBC alerts, many patients in Turkish hospitals end up in British medical facilities with … Read more

Cheap Android 12 Go phone Nokia C12 Pro features a removable battery – Mobile Phone Brand News

In January this year, HMD Global released the entry-level Nokia C12 mobile phone, and now the upgraded version of the Nokia C12 Pro suddenly appeared on the official website. The specifications of the Nokia C12 Pro are almost the same as the Nokia C12, except that the capacity of the removable battery has been increased … Read more

Apple will push a cheap version of wireless headphones? iOS 16.4 RC code exposed clues

(Schematic diagram/review of Apple Event) Since Apple launched the wireless Bluetooth headset AirPods, it has set off a wave of true wireless Bluetooth headsets in the market. However, the unit price of AirPods currently sold by Apple is not cheap. It was previously reported that the official intends to launch a cheap version of AirPods. … Read more

Low-budget satellite cleans up space

pte20230320003 Research/development, technology/digitization Inexpensive all-in-one operation with 48 AA batteries, tow sail and $20 microprocessor Kapton polyimide film tow sail accelerates satellite return (Photo: Providence (pte003/20.03.2023/06:10) – engineering students Brown University have built a new satellite, SBUDNIC, that reduces space debris while running on 48 AA Energizer batteries and a $20 microprocessor. About ten … Read more

We revived Tatra Beta! We present a cheap Czech MPV and a small van with a Hyundai heart

It probably goes without saying that the number of new small passenger and commercial vehicles offered is slowly starting to decrease, which goes hand in hand with stricter emissions and the transition to alternative fuels. Photo: Rostislav Prokop for Garáž.cz The new Tatra Beta is a pleasant and affordable practical. However, we lack cheap cars … Read more

It’s Time To Hunt Banking Stocks That Are Still Cheap

<!– –> Reporter: Arif Ferdianto, Tedy Gumilar | Editor: Rizki Caturini KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. The negative sentiment from the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank in the United States (US) had an impact on the performance of US and global banking stocks. Concerns over the domino effect of the bank’s collapse have made … Read more