Sony is giving away prizes to players. PS5 and PS4 owners can check their summaries of the year

achievementsHandler#handleClickOnArticle”> Sony invites players to a summary of the year of PlayStation, thanks to which interested parties will receive detailed data on the gameplay on PS5 and PS4. Those interested can win nice prizes. The Japanese producer again allows players to generate a summary of the year that presents in detail all information about the … Read more

What is a Nebula, how it was formed, and how is it different from a galaxy? Check out the explanation here

DIY NEWS – Check out the following definition from Nebula, Then, how process formation to the difference with the Galaxy. Maybe for lovers of astronomy are familiar with the term Nebula or Galaxy. But there are some people who don’t understand what it is about Nebula and what is Galaxy. Quoted from that Nebula … Read more

How to Check the 3rd Vaccine Schedule at PeduliLindung

Jakarta – The government has started a booster vaccination program for the general public since Wednesday (12/1). Booster vaccines are provided free of charge and you can register at PeduliLindung. Listen how to check the 3rd vaccine schedule at PeduliLindung. Before checking the vaccine schedule, make sure the following conditions have been met to get … Read more

FACT CHECK: Drinking Papaya Leaf Juice Is Not Proven To Be A DHF Drug – Circulating uploads mention drinking raw papaya leaf juice can treat Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF). Mentioned after drinking raw papaya juice can increase platelets. “LATEST NEWS, “Dengue Fever Medicine”. How to make the juice: 2 papaya leaves cleaned, pounded and squeezed with a sieve clothYou will get * 1 tablespoon per leaf. * The … Read more

What’s so fun about Xbox Game Pass?These games and manufacturers you should definitely check out

Excluding the ultra-low price of 30 yuan a month for the first purchase,Microsoft announced a few days ago that its Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass will drop in Taiwan, From February, both the PC and Xbox versions are only 199 yuan per month, and the dual-platform ultimate version is reduced to 299 yuan. … Read more

CDMX closes windows for car verification… This you can do to circulate – El Financiero

The Secretary of the Environment (Sedema) of Mexico City reported on Tuesday that in order to avoid COVID-19 infections, the Vehicle Verification Citizen Attention Area of ​​the General Directorate of Air Quality will remain closed to the public until further notice. “The citizen service windows are closed, so if you needed to carry out a … Read more

how to check if you are affected

Screenshot: OpenSubtitles / GizmodoES 6,783,158 emails, usernames, passwords, IP addresses and geographic locations have been exposed in a hack to OpenSubtitles, a popular website for downloading subtitles for series and movies. According a message posted on the community forum, a hacker gained access to all user data in August 2021. The attacker then demanded a … Read more

JCI Weak 3 Days in a row, It’s Time to Check These 10 Cheapest Stocks!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Even though the Composite Stock Price Index (JCI) has been sinking for three consecutive days, it doesn’t hurt to look at the leading stocks (blue chip) or large market cap stocks (big cap) in the LQ45 index which is still relatively cheap or undervalued. As is known, with a constituent consisting … Read more

Jokowi Reveals Criteria for Candidates for New Capital City Leaders, Check!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – President Jokowi revealed the criteria for a candidate for the leader of a new capital city called Nusantara. What are the criteria? “At least he has led a region and has an architectural background,” said President Jokowi when meeting with several editors-in-chief of the national mass media at the Presidential Palace, … Read more