Coronavirus Lubelskie: Record daily number of infections in the region

This is a record number of daily infections recorded in the Lublin Province. 69 new confirmed cases of coronavirus infection are from: Lublin (17), Tomaszów (15), Opolski (8), Lubartowski (6), Hrubieszowski (6), Biłgoraj (3), Zamość (3), Radzyń (2) poviats , Lublin (2), Łukowski (2), Janowski (1), Puławy (1), Chełm (1), Parczewski (1), Kraśnik (1). The […]

Alexia Duchêne, ex-candidate for Top chef, reveals to have been a victim of rape

In an interview published by Atabula, a media specializing in gastrotomy, the chef Alexia Duchêne revealed that she had been raped when she was only 15 years old, by three men ten years older than her. The former Top Chef candidate thus hopes that her dramatic story can be used to raise awareness in the […]

“My name has been used without my consent.” Chef Rītiņš about getting into the “Harmony” pre-election campaign

Photo: screenshot on Twitter Chef Mārtiņš Rītiņš calls on the party “S Harmona” not to use his name in the party’s pre-election campaign materials. The photo and text of the morning, which expresses support for the idea of ​​applying a reduced VAT rate to the restaurant business, have been placed in the pre-election campaign newspaper […]

César Campos tells how he prepared for MasterChef Celebrity

{{ post.post_image.alt }} visits News in Development We are gathering more background on this news, stay tuned for updates. Spoiler alert This article could contain key information about the plot of a book, series or movie. Explicit Image Warning Watch out! The images in this article may hurt some people’s sensibilities. This article describes an […]

Viral Facebook: Peruvian chef rages for teaching steps to prepare an exquisite ‘Ratatouille’ | video | photos | Disney | Pixar | cooking with Achilles | gastronomy | Peru | mexico | usa | social networks | Social networks

Thanks to Facebookand others social networks, a Peruvian chef He has become ‘famous’, because he was encouraged to share his talent for cooking. The cook showed the steps to prepare one of the most requested dishes in the world and that also has the title of an acclaimed film of Disney: Ratatouille. His recipe has […]

Belgian hospital chef in Oxford: ‘Now proving that the vaccine really protects’

July 20, 2020 Today at 20:02 “We are still on schedule to deliver a billion doses of the corona vaccine by winter.” This is what Bruno Holthof, big boss of the University Hospital in Oxford, says in response to the encouraging results of a study on an Oxford-developed corona vaccine. The Lancet medical journal published […]

The school canteen in Prague hired a five-star chef

“School meals are historically associated with decades of stereotypes. We approach it in such a way as to change them and get closer to the current gastronomic scene, “says Jaroslav Vrtiška, director of the School Canteen Prague 10. “Gastronomy has been a big topic lately, but school meals remain a bit out of the mainstream. […]