“They left their mark”: Inter Milan shows their chest for a good performance by Sánchez and Vidal against Colombia | Football

Did you find a bug? let us know Francisco Longa | UNO Agency Follow the Bio Bio Sports Fanpage He Inter de Milan highlighted the performance of Alexis Sanchez Y Arturo vidal in the 2-2 draw of the national team against Colombia, for the World Cup Qualifiers. On its website, the ‘Lombard’ team assured that … Read more

Splashy! The Chest of Rizki DA’s Wife Unveiled

Jakarta – Risky YES and Nadya Mustika Rahayu is still in the spotlight. Netizens have recently highlighted Nadya Mustika who is live on Instagram. The woman in the hijab provides advice to netizens who are always curious about her life. However, the focus of the audience was on Nadya Mustika’s chest, which was not covered … Read more

effective deep chest compressions despite the risk of injury

THE ESSENTIAL Deep chest compressions are recommended in cardiopulmonary resuscitation These actions can lead to rib or breastbone injuries. But patients injured by resuscitation have less brain damage Better a broken rib than a brain injury. This seems obvious but the question arises regularly, every 5 years, when updating cardiopulmonary resuscitation guidelines: these are used … Read more

Shortness of breath, chest pain: research confirms long-term symptoms of coronavirus

The researchers admitted that “long COVID” is a reality, and three quarters of patients hospitalized with coronavirus, even after three months, still suffer from symptoms of the disease. British researchers studied 110 patients admitted to Southmead Hospital in Bristol. Of these, 81 people reported at follow-up that they were still experiencing at least one symptom … Read more

Splashy video of boyfriend squeezed chest, Zara ‘disappeared’ until Hotman Paris’s comments were highlighted

Jakarta, Insertlive – Watch the video of Dada Zara being squeezed, Hotman Paris’s comments are in the spotlight Hotman Paris’s comments on Zara’s video of her boyfriend squeezing her chest are in the spotlight. How is the story? Read more here After Geger squeezed by his girlfriend, a red mark on Adhisty Zara’s neck was … Read more

Russian comedian Mikhail Galustyan taken to hospital with chest pain – Celebrities

The 40-year-old comedian is reported to have had unstable angina, which is thought to be a precursor to a heart attack. True, his condition is described as stable. Galustian has been a star on TNT for many years, participating in shows such as “Comedy Club” and “Nash Russia”. .

Lawyer reveals that Nano Calderón put a gun to his father’s chest before stabbing him

Impact caused last Tuesday the attack with a knife “Nano” Calderón to his father Hernán, of which every time more details are known, because they accuse that the son of Raquel Argandoña also used a firearm and fired a shot. According to the lawyer who will represent Hernán Calderón (father) in the morning “With you … Read more

Chest pain is not necessarily a heart attack, it could be the cause

Photo ilustrasi. – Is / Freepik Harianjogja.com, JAKARTA– Chest pain is often associated with a heart attack. In fact, chest pain can be caused by several factors. However, in most cases this chest pain is not caused by a heart problem. Compiled from the UK NHS and Docdoc, here are five possible causes of chest … Read more

Nabilla operated: “I also asked that he tighten my chest”

© Instagram @nabilla_vergara This Tuesday, July 28, Nabilla underwent breast surgery. She gave her news to her fans. Last month, Nabilla announced that she would have to undergo another breast operation. “After Milann’s delivery, I had my rush of milk, a very heavy one. My chest was huge, she explained on Snapchat. And this surge … Read more

10 Symptoms of Heart Disease that You Need to Watch Out for, Know How to Overcome It

Illustration of a heart attack. © iStock Merdeka.com – Heart disease is one of the deadliest diseases in the world. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) heart disease causes the biggest deaths in Indonesia. Death rates from heart disease in 2016 reached 122 people per 100,000 population. Some time ago the handsome artist Ashraf … Read more