Michael Jordan, far from being the MVP as the owner of the Charlotte Hornets

Be considered the best player of all times is not synonymous with being a great manager of the franchise. From Michael Jordan, who won six rings with the Chicago Bulls in the nineties, started its facets of administrative organization, these teams what they have done is lose So say the numbers, by the way, almost … Read more

“I don’t know if Phil had in mind what was best for me”

The Last Dance allowed some to discover Michael Jordan a little more in depth, but also to better understand Phil Jackson. One of the best coaches of all time, able to win eleven titles and manage players like Dennis Rodman or the duo Kobe Bryant / Shaquille O’Neal, but also a rather particular man, with … Read more

The two-time champion with Detroit who got Jordan’s ear wet: “It wasn’t competition”

Former point guard Isiah Thomas, a two-time champion with the Detroit Pistons, said today than before your injury, Michael Jordan, at the Chicago Bulls, “was not competition.” “In ’91 I had a surgery that pretty much ended my career, I was never the same again.” “But when we were young and healthy, from 1984 to … Read more

NBA: 9 revelations from the Netflix documentary about Michael Jordan – basketball

This series was a slam dunk! “The last dance”, the Netflix documentary about the career of basketball idol Michael Jordan (57), has been in the top 10 of the streaming service for weeks. But what did the audience experience in the ten episodes? BILD summarizes the nine most important revelations: ► Coke in the NBA … Read more

“Michael Jordan was a great athlete – but not anymore either”

The documentary about the basketball legend fascinates fans worldwide. Right? Two of our sports editors saw the series – and come to a surprising judgment. The basketball world has known only one topic for weeks: “The Last Dance”, a documentary funded by the US sports broadcaster ESPN on the legendary Michael Jordan and the last … Read more

Before he died, Jerry Krause wrote his version of the end of the Bulls dynasty

One of the great protagonists of the documentary “The Last Dance” is the deceased general manager of the Chicago Bulls, Jerry Krause. Through the series of ten episodes, which ended last Sunday on ESPN, Krause is presented as a manager who had his friction with the great figures of that Bulls dynasty that won six … Read more

“The Last Dance”: Was Michael Jordan Poisoned With Pizza?

basketball Before the crucial game Was Michael Jordan Poisoned With Pizza? As of: 3:44 p.m. | Reading time: 2 minutes “Michael Jordan is the best ever” For many current NBA stars, Michael Jordan is considered the great role model. LeBron James, Barack Obama and many more pay homage to the six-time NBA champion for his … Read more

Phil Jackson, the tamer of Michael Jordan | The cau …

Children, they say, can come out like parents. Or “against” the parents. That is to say, follow a traced path or take an alternative one, away from the impositions that knew how to suffer. The second is the case of Phil Jackson, who on his way to be –maybe- the best basketball coach in history … Read more

In ‘The Last Dance’, the Warriors find similarities to Michael Jordan’s Bulls

THE GOLDEN STATE Warriors know how ephemeral life can be on top of the basketball world. After five consecutive trips to the NBA Finals, the team is suddenly out of the postseason dispute in 2019-20 with a record of 15-50, the worst in the league. Serious injuries to the star players and the departure of … Read more