Big Discounts on Steam During Chinese New Year 2022, Some are Only IDR 8 Thousand

Jakarta – Celebrate Chinese New Year 2022, Valve held an interesting event titled Steam Lunar New Year Sale. Where gamers can get super low prices, from quality titles. The discount is up to 90%. Like the Just Cause 2 game, it is priced from the initial price of Rp. 107,299, changing to Rp. 10,729. There … Read more

Microsoft launches special edition of the Xbox Series S to celebrate the Year of the Tiger | Chinese Horoscope 2022 | Consoles | Wireless controller | Video game

On the occasion of celebrating the Lunar New Year 2022, festivity that will take place next February 1, Microsoft has presented an exclusive version of the Xbox Series S inspired by the Year of the Tiger, which was made in collaboration with the Chinese cartoonist Bu2ma. Designed with the traditional lucky colors of the Chinese … Read more

PlayStation organizes a special campaign for Chinese New Year Give ten thousand red envelopes!

Sony organizes a special campaign “Let’s Play” to celebrate the Chinese New Year. From 1 – 20 February Win Ang Pao, 150 prizes, valued up to 45,000 baht, open for applications today. The ‘Let’s Play’ campaign is a special event organized by PlayStation for players to spend time relaxing and having fun with friends or … Read more

Chinese horoscope: what animal am I according to the calendar? | LIGHTS

Lima, November 25, 2021Updated on 11/25/2021 02:51 am The Chinese horoscope It is one of the oldest in the world with more than 4,500 years of history, it is a cycle of signs that are based on the year of birth, identification with animals and that repeats every 12 years. SIGHT | Chinese horoscope: know … Read more