‘Cho Woo-jong♥’ Jung Da-eun announcer leaves KBS…”New challenge”[전문]

Announcer Jeong Da-eun. Photo|Jung Da-eun SNS Announcer Jung Da-eun is leaving KBS. On the 28th, announcer Jung Da-eun posted a photo on her SNS saying, “I am leaving KBS for the last time this week, so I am giving you news.” He continued, “There are a lot of regrets and fears ahead of me as … Read more

‘Doll Singles 3’ Cho Ye-young, can’t pay 4 million won for luxury bags and dives? handwritten apology[핫토PICK]

pickcon=Editor Woojeong Lee Photo: Jo Ye-young’s Instagram ‘Doll Singles 3’ Cho Ye-young apologized in a handwritten letter for the controversy over debt default. On the 11th, Yeyoung Cho posted a handwritten apology on her SNS. This is because of the controversy over the default of debt that has been raised before. On the 8th, YouTuber … Read more

Cho Jin-woong “120→80kg, 40kg lost… I quit drinking and interpersonal relationships”

Correspondent Cha Yoo-chae of Money Today | 2023.03.02 06:37 /Photo = tvN ‘You Quiz on the Block’ broadcast screen capture Actor Cho Jin-woong revealed the secret to losing 40kg. Cho Jin-woong appeared as a guest in the 183rd episode of tvN’s ‘You Quiz on the Block’ (hereafter referred to as ‘You Quiz’), which aired on … Read more

Recommended Korean dramas starting in March! Cho Seung-woo, Seol In-ah, Shin Ye-eun, Moon Sang-min are back, Netflix’s “Dark Glory 2” is the most anticipated- with AMP Version

chasing drama 2023-03-01 11:56 Updated 16 hours ago Ching 2023 has quickly entered March. In addition to Lee Je-hoon’s “Model Taxi 2”, Jeon Do-yeon & Jung Kyung-ho’s “Crash Course in Romance” and other popular Korean dramas, there are also many strong Korean dramas that will be broadcast in March. Compiled 7 parts“Recommended Korean dramas starting … Read more

Cho Ji-hwan couple rehash Oh Eun-young solution praise… ‘Marriage Hell’ Why?

MBC’s ‘Oh Eun-young Report Marriage Hell’ re-aired again with the title of ‘After Counseling’. ‘Marriage Hell’, which aired on the afternoon of the 20th, was packed with ‘After Marriage Hell’ rather than counseling for new couples. The story of the divorced couple and the actors Cho Ji-hwan and Park Hye-min, whose wife demanded a divorce … Read more

Cho Ye-young ♥ Han Jung-min broke up last year? Deleting SNS photos “Let’s cheer up” Depression

[뉴스엔 이해정 기자] In ‘Doll Singles Season 3’ Cho Ye-young and Han Jung-min, who announced that they were planning to remarry this year after becoming the final couple and developing into actual lovers, were surrounded by rumors of a breakup. MBN, ENA Appearing in ‘Doll Singles 3’, Yeyoung Cho and Han Min Han showed off … Read more

Cho Hyun-young “Diet because of perverts’ sexual harassment… A body that men will like”

[스포츠조선 백지은 기자] Cho Hyun-young, a member of the group Rainbow, revealed why she went on a diet. Cho Hyun-young confided in her heart that she had no choice but to go on a diet through a video titled ‘Why I went on a diet’. He said, “I went on a diet during ‘A’ promotion, … Read more

Cho Kyu-seong, ‘re-rental to Jeonbuk after transfer’ appeared… Jeonbuk’s will to transfer in the summer?

Kyu-Sung Cho (Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors). Provided by the Korea Professional Football Federation [풋볼리스트] Reporter Kim Jeong-yong = There are observations that Jeonbuk Hyundai proposed a summer advance through the ‘transfer and re-leasing’ method for Cho Kyu-seong, who is pushing to advance into Europe. Cho Kyu-sung is known to have received offers from several clubs, including … Read more

Gyeonjadan in the ‘Morning Yard’?… From Cho Hye-ryeon’s meeting to her shocking confession [공식입장]

Martial arts action master gyeonjadan is looking for ‘morning yard’.On the 19th, KBS announced that Gyeonjadan would appear on ‘Morning Yard’. As the first star to come to Korea in 2023, he played 4 roles per person, including production, directing, appearance, and martial arts in ‘The Eight Kingdoms of Heaven: The Legend of Gyobong’. Gyeonjadan … Read more

Comprehensive Cho Gap-kyung ♥ Hong Seo-beom Only 6 clubs, no money, no debt, Wondol Sing Forman

Hong Seo-bum confessed the behind-the-scenes story of ‘Mom Cafe Villain’. On the SBS entertainment program ‘Take Your Shoes Off, Dol Sing For Man’, which aired on the 17th, Hong Seo-beom, Ryu Seung-soo, and BTOB’s Seo Eun-kwang appeared and talked. On this day, Lee Sang-min asked Hong Seo-beom, “I heard they say Mom Cafe Villain.” This … Read more