Paweł Małaszyński appeals for help for his friend. Marta may not live to see another Christmas Eve

“Please, let’s help Marta continue the treatment, because only it gives her a real chance to survive and will save her son from an orphanage” – we read in the entry of the actor who regularly engages in fundraising for the sick. – adds Małaszyński. The rest of the text below the video. The woman … Read more

König learned at Christmas that he was going to the Superbike World Championships and was shocked

This is a significant event, as König jumped into superbikes from the weakest class of the Supersport 300 Championship, which no rider has yet managed to do. It’s a similar move, as if the rider in the classic world championship moved from Moto3 straight to MotoGP. “I found out on Christmas Day when my coach … Read more

Motorcyclist König received the best Christmas present. The “time machine” world championship will take place

Czech motorcycle rider Oliver König will ride this year in the World Superbike Championship. The 19-year-old will sit on Kawasaki in the colors of the Spanish Orelac stable. In July, he will also present himself in the new team at the World Championships in Most. “I found out exactly on Christmas Day. My manager Miloš … Read more

And the most memorable announcement this Christmas is… – Marketeer

Assessing effectiveness from oldest to newest ads, research by the data analytics agency finds consumers show greater interest in “funny” ads (47.6%), with a “back story” (14.4% ), with “good music” (13.9%), “direct to the subject” (13.4%), “emotional” (7.8%) and with “themes focused on inclusion and sustainability” (2.9 %). In the general panorama of the … Read more

This is how Belgian carving champion transforms the Christmas tree on Hasselt’s Grote Markt into a fairytale tree (Hasselt)

© Boumediene Belbachir The Christmas tree on the Hasselt Grote Markt was transformed into a fairytale tree by ‘Carving Cis’ on Saturday. This gives the tree a second life and, perhaps somewhere in the city centre, it will allow children to dream. “I carve in it a fairytale character with a long beard, who acts … Read more

Would an Omicron be a “Christmas gift”? Experts agree on end of pandemic prediction

As it spread around the world Turkeyrapidly spreading in omicronIt is considered as gospel by experts. “WE HOPE THE PANDEMIC WILL END IN A FEW MONTHS” As with other global variants, Medicana International Samsun Hospital, Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology Specialist, who predicts that Kovid-19 will end after more than 2 years. Nurullah Dikmen, said … Read more

Cryptocurrency that soared at Christmas has already accumulated a rise of more than 100% in the last 7 days

Forecasts, many of them antagonistic, have taken over the analysis and news involving the cryptocurrency market in recent weeks. Traders and analysts try to answer “where is the Bitcoin (BTC), principal cryptocurrency of the market, or what the future of the market will look like in 2022. Despite the uncertainties that impose losses on most … Read more

The last months of Sassoli, from “legionella pneumonia” to hospitalization after Christmas

“I was badly hit by a bad legionella pneumonia. I had a very high fever, I was hospitalized in Strasbourg. Then I returned to Italy for convalescence, but unfortunately I suffered a relapse and this prompted the doctors to recommend me a series of analyzes and investigations “. Thus in a video of November 9 … Read more

He showed the find! Goddess Canales thus celebrated Christmas | Farandula 123

Jose gregorio garcia The model and dancer Goddess Channels She paralyzed social networks after publishing some photographs in which she shows a rise in tone as only she knows how to do, together with her husband the singer secret. And it is that the Venezuelan controversy returns to stop the traffic in social networks, this … Read more

Patrik Máté: The idea of ​​a referendum on the fall of Christmas

A month ago, Péter Márki-Zay also stated that he thinks there is a chance to collect the two hundred thousand signatures in 2021. “The left started collecting signatures in mid-December. Their original goal was to reach the two hundred thousand signatures needed to hold a referendum by mid-January, so that the referendum would coincide with … Read more