we know the winner of our auction for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity • www.rybnik.com.pl

Let us remind you that a week ago the editorial staff of Rybnik.com.pl joined the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. We proposed an article about the winner of the auction. We will introduce you to your figure, talk about your dreams, visions of the appearance of Rybnik or the commune of the Rybnik poviat. You … Read more

Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity and sports auctions. The price for Iga Świątek’s rocket is a cosmos

So far, the declared amount that has been collected during the 31st final of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity is over PLN 154 million. And this is probably not the end, because there are still several thousand auctions on the web. including, among others the one associated with our leader in the WTA ranking. … Read more

Tough for trade in Sweden – Christmas trade disappointing

Despite hopes that Christmas shopping would contribute to a recovery, retail sales fell by 1.8 percent in December compared to the previous month. The Christmas season is usually one of the most important periods for the retail trade, but this year it was a disappointment. – These are very bad sales figures, says Emma Hernell, … Read more

One from the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, three from the government. This is how hospital equipment is financed

Nine years in a row, the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity broke records of the funds raised to reach the goal to the astronomical amount of PLN 224 million after the 30th final last year. Why immediately “astronomical”? Comparing these numbers with budgetary funds, voivodeship funds and European funds allocated for the material expansion of … Read more

she had been missing for weeks. Beaten to death at Christmas

The little body found in a bush in Grady, Oklahoma belongs to 4-year-old Athena Brownfield. Arrested her 31-year-old (his relative of hers) who took care of her and her husband. The woman accused the 36-year-old: “she killed her on Christmas day”. Ivon Adams e Athena Brownfield The human remains found on January 17 in rural … Read more

The new life of Ondřej Malý: Christmas with a new family and feedback from friends

When it got out last year that the actor Ondřej Malý was expecting a child with his lover and not his legal wife Pavla Tomicová, it was bad. Malý left for a young colleague and Tomic broke down. She did not expect such a betrayal from her partner and friend. Actors Ondřej Malý and Pavla … Read more

Justin Pileck. Christmas Season Comparison 2021 vs 2022: How Has the Pandemic Changed Consumer Habits?

Other dates are more important In the second half of 2022, two other festive days seriously competed with Christmas – “Black Friday” (Black Friday) and Cyber ​​Monday. Two developments related to these days: a significant number of consumers took advantage of the sales of the past few days to buy Christmas gifts in advance, and … Read more

The Slayer of Christmas surprised again. Amazing. It took 81 minutes Tennis

Jelena Rybakina (25. WTA) on Sunday she defeated Iga Świątek (1st WTA) 6:4, 6:4 and advanced to the quarterfinals Australian Open. For last year’s Wimbledon winner, it was the best result in the Australian tournament in her career and another chance walk for a second Grand Slam title. See the video Santos will delete an … Read more

The Malina energy company is faced with disputes with customers and installers

Energy holding Malina, one of the most predatory companies on the rooftop photovoltaic installation market, is having problems. At the end of the year, more than a dozen assemblers left him, and dozens more colleagues will join them in February at the latest. Some of them have not been paid for months and are going … Read more

Jurek Owsiak in mourning. All just before the final of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity

Jurek Owsiak on January 29, he will lead the 31st final of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. This year, the organization is raising funds for the fight against sepsis. Unfortunately, just before the final of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, Jurek Owsiak received a painful blow. On January 19, his friend, Witold Szczepan, … Read more