Payment of Citizenship Income in June 2022, the date of the top-up and the news on the amounts

This month’s Citizenship Income was paid out starting June 15 to those who receive it for the first time, while from June 27 it will be credited to those who already receive it. Let’s see what are the news on the increases corresponding to the Single Check and the 200 euro bonus. Il Citizenship Income … Read more

Tennis player Dzalamidze changed her citizenship to go to Wimbledon

Two months ago, the organizers of the All England Club banned Russian and Belarusian tennis players from participating in Wimbledon due to the invasion of Ukraine. They told The Times that the Dzalamidze could not prevent them from starting after a citizenship change. Moscow native Dzalamidze last played at Roland Garros, where she stepped under … Read more

The occupiers in the Kherson region grant Russian citizenship to newborns

“Children born in the Kherson Oblast after February 24 will automatically receive citizenship of the Russian Federation,” said Kirill Stryemousov, a spokesman for the occupation administration. The occupiers will also give their passports to orphaned children. In the Russian-occupied south of Ukraine, the occupiers began issuing Russian passports to the population on June 11. The … Read more

“In Dubai the staff are found because there is no Citizenship Income”. The interview omits the exploited by the Emirates and angers the social networks

“Attention, that perhaps we have a winner among all the present and past articles on Citizenship Income”. Thus begins one of the many tweets they comment on the interview of Republic to an Italian pizza maker, owner of a restaurant in Dubai, where unlike Italy “there is an abundance of personnel”. And he adds: “I … Read more

Citizenship income, Minister Garavaglia’s proposal: “Leave half of it to those who accept a seasonal job”

The Minister of Tourism Massimo Garavaglia proposes to leave half of the citizenship income to those who accept seasonal work. The move would help solve the problem of hotels and restaurants not finding waiters and staff. In an interview released today a The messenger the Northern League says that when it rains you have to … Read more

Nevzorov, an active Russian supporter, was once granted Ukrainian citizenship

Nevzorov thanked the afflicted, desperate and bleeding Ukrainian people on his Telegram for allowing him to take his place. Moscow’s Basmanaya district court has ruled in absentia on the arrest of Russian journalist Alexander Nevzorov, in a search of “false military news”. The reason for this is the publications on the social network “Instagram” and … Read more

Russian journalist Neversov has received Ukrainian citizenship

Russia journalist Alexander Nevzorov and his wife received Ukraine citizenship, said Anton Heraščenko, an adviser to the Interior Minister of Ukraine. Content will continue after the ad Advertising Neversov thanked the afflicted, desperate and bleeding Ukrainian people on his Telegram for allowing him to take his place. In Russia, a journalist was arrested in absentia … Read more

Citizenship income, INPS-Ministry of Justice cross-checks are underway

Listen to the audio version of the article The mechanism of controls on citizenship income is tighter. In fact, the protocol between INPS and the Ministry of Justice for the exchange of information useful for the checks relating to the granting and / or revocation of the benefit has become operational. A piece that is … Read more

Citizenship income is “for singles”

While the discussion about his rages possible (very unlikely, actually) abolition, there are updated data on citizenship income. To whom does the symbolic subsidy of this legislature actually go? In April 2022, the households receiving citizenship income and citizenship pension were – according to updated INPS data – 1.19 million in total (almost 1.09 million … Read more

When do they pay Income and Citizenship Pension in May 2022? See DATES and GUIDE

When will the Citizenship Income (RDC) and the Citizenship Pension be paid in May? As theInpsalso in 2022 the payment provisions for the Citizenship Income 2022 subsequent to the first are generally sent to Italian post around 27 of each month, unless otherwise indicated. This month the date shown is from 24  maggio. Poste Italiane … Read more