Citroën C4 X and ë-C4

At first glance, there is nothing striking about this C4, even though it has been thoroughly changed At first glance, there is nothing striking about this C4, even though it has been thoroughly changed Share a photo: Her position is different from here, because of her long bottom, she has grown big even from afar … Read more

Citroën C4 X test, technical data sheet, opinions and dimensions 1.2 PureTech 131 CV Shine Pack EAT8

Elongated Distinctive style for the Citroen C4 Xthe new sedan that derives from the five-door C4: for 500 euros more it adds a hint of a tail and 24 cm in length (coming to 460). The new rear section is streamlined (aerodynamics improve) and features a smaller door, which does not include the rear window … Read more

Is it SUV or sedan? Citroën offers both in one, the C4 X is eccentric and comfortable

Few things in everyday life are more technical than the car. Precise, engineering, cool. Theoretical. Practice shows how poor the world would be without Citroën and its design innovations. The latest of them is called the C4 X, and although it is mainly aimed at markets outside Europe, it will also be sold here. Citroën … Read more

These cars failed long-term tests. The reason was serious malfunctions – Magazine – Auto

The real resistance and durability of cars will be revealed only after several years of operation and driving tens of thousands of kilometers. While some go to service only regularly, others have broken key parts. Matej Mikula 16.01.2023 06:00 Photo: Acura US Cars of European, American and Japanese brands were among the worst. Today’s cars … Read more

There is a threat of further factory closures, warns the head of the car company Stellantis. And they fear China

The head of the Stellantis concern, Carlos Tavares, once again draws attention to the fact that in Europe there is a risk of closing car factories due to high investments in electromobility, and he warns of increasing competition from China. If the high prices of electric cars cause the auto market to drop from pre-pandemic … Read more

New Citroen eC3 2022-2023, a city car that will revolutionize the market at a price of 10-13 thousand euros

The same Carlos Tavares, global CEO of Stellantis, thought about it to confirm that a Fully electric Citroen C3 will be launched early next year. The exact date has not been announced, but it is possible that the times are really very tight. Called eC3, the restyling of the petrol C3 arrives after a few … Read more

The best enemy of the Citroën Ami reveals itself more and more and promises record autonomy

Ligier announces the launch of its future Myli, a 100% electric license-free car that should hunt on the lands of the Citroën Ami. Scheduled for next year, it is already announcing its prices… a thousand miles from its rival. Gone are the days when cars without a license were tacky and had a rather poor … Read more