“Strong winds, pay attention to the maintenance of public parks”

While the city is facing the usual inconveniences due to rain, the Civil Protection of the Campania Region has the weather alert has been extended by 24 hours “yellow” color already branched out from midnight yesterday to 11.59 today. The weather conditions will therefore remain on alert until 11.59 pm tomorrow Tuesday 23 November. The … Read more

Bad weather, red alert in three regions

A new wave of bad weather is about to hit Italy: an Atlantic perturbation has in fact reached the central Mediterranean, determining the deepening of a minimum pressure off the Ligurian Sea, responsible for the intense phase of bad weather that is affecting the northern regions and part of the western sectors of the Center-South. … Read more

The game of death.. what happened to the deceased girl Donia in the Alexander amusement park

12:56 PM Tuesday 28 September 2021 Alexandria – Mohamed Amer: Investigations into the death of the little girl, “Dunia Said” at the Black Ras amusement park in Alexandria, revealed that the little girl fell from one of the games, which led to her death. The Public Prosecution received the report of the committee formed by … Read more

One of them jumped from the 17th floor.. Two people were killed in an apartment fire in Alexandria

08:12 PM Thursday 23 September 2021 Alexandria – Mohamed Amer: Two people were killed as a result of a massive fire, Thursday evening, in a residential apartment on the 17th floor of a property in the Mandara Bahri area in the second Montazah neighborhood, east of Alexandria. Al-Montazah Police Department received a second report from … Read more

France: Civil Protection helicopter falls, one dead and 4 injured – Europe

A French Civil Protection helicopter, with 5 people on board, crashed in the Isère region, in the south-east. The aircraft, an EC145, crashed in the municipality of Villard-de-Lans. A mechanic from the French Civil Protection is dead. This was announced by the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin. The other 4 people who were on … Read more

Metro do Porto has been circulating for several years without an emergency communication network | Civil protection

Metro do Porto does not have an emergency communication network that allows the interconnection of the various civil protection agents in a situation where a serious incident occurs in the underground part of the metro. The gap has been identified for several years and is registered annually in the reports of the drills that the … Read more

45 Minutes in Hell.. The championship of 40 firefighters under the flames of a real estate fire

08:35 PM Monday 06 September 2021 Books – Muhammad Shaaban: The timekeeping indicators were pointing to ten in the morning on Monday, calmness applied to the headquarters of the General Administration of Civil Protection in Giza, located in the Bain al-Sarayat area. It was only the calm before the storm. A few moments were enough … Read more

The first effects of ‘Nora’ in BCS are expected this Saturday

BAJA CALIFORNIA SOUTH. Carlos Alfredo Godínez León, head of the Undersecretariat of Civil Protection in Baja California Sur, announced that the State Council of Civil Protection is attentive to the behavior and evolution of this hydrometeorological phenomenon, since the trajectory has been modified during the last hours and it is now expected not to directly … Read more

‘Marco’ changed trajectory and will not impact Quintana Roo coasts

Tropical Storm “Marco” diverted its trajectory and will not impact the coast of Quintana Roo. Photo: @PCivilCancun MEXICO CITY Although the Tropical Storm “Marco” I divert its trajectory and will not impact the coasts of Quintana Roo, continues to intensify north of Cancún. It may interest you: Yellow Alert is issued for 8 municipalities of … Read more

Reappearance of image of the Virgin unleashes fervor of Catholics

Many described the event as a “miracle” because “Alex” took her and “Hanna” “brought” her back. Photo: Aracely Garza MONTERREY, Nuevo León The reappearance of the image of the Guadalupe’s Virgin, in the bed of the Santa Catarina River, the fervor of his devotees overflowed. It may interest you: ‘Hanna’ causes chaos and river overflow … Read more