Manufacturer is finally clearing the way

Apple recently struggled with production problems with the new Apple Watch 7. But the manufacturer is now clearing the way for the smartwatch, the worst case scenario remains out – according to the latest reports. Update from 09/11/2021: According to the well-informed Apple expert Ming-Chi Kuo Apple was able to fix the problems with the … Read more

Flooding in Pepinster: Nathan, 6, helped clearing by driving … an excavator (video)

(c) Marie-Christine Breuer’s Facebook page Among the many people who spontaneously came to help the thousands of flood victims in the Vesdre valley, there is Nathan, a six-year-old boy with astonishing and particularly precocious skills. Indeed, this child already handles an excavator with disconcerting ease. Not the sandbox excavator. No, a real backhoe, the one … Read more

an army helicopter tasked with clearing the carcasses of cars

In the mass of flood-related waste, there are many car wrecks. Some are inaccessible for conventional tow trucks. To evacuate them, the army therefore employs great means and calls on its helicopter. Since 11 am this Thursday, several paracommandos have been requisitioned to clear these carcasses of cars. The helicopter hoisting operation begins at Chaudfontaine, … Read more

How to make your iPhone or iPad work faster by clearing the browser cache

Si tu iPhone o tu iPad are running slower than normal, maybe everything what you would have to do is erase browser cache to quickly increase your performance. Each browser stores a data cache of the web pages you visit, like the cookies, login information, images and much more. This will help for pages to … Read more

Mohamed Azimah: Musimani’s relationship with the players is the secret of his success.. Kaiser is a solid defensive team

Mohamed Azima, the Al-Ahly star and the former coach of Egypt Al-Maqasa, confirmed that the relationship of the South African Pitso Musimani and the Al-Ahly players is the secret of the team’s success, and Al-Ahmar is able to crown the tenth title in the African Champions League. And Muhammad Azimah said, during his dialogue with … Read more

Sharif glows.. Al-Ahly turns the table and turns its delay into a quartet victory

06:57 PM Sunday 11 July 2021 Books – Ali Al-Bahaji: Al-Ahly team achieved a great victory, this evening, Sunday, 4-1, in the postponed meeting of the eighteenth round of the Egyptian League Championship. Ahmadi Modi scored the first goal for the clearing team in the 34th minute, to respond to Al-Ahly with a triple, which … Read more

Home Sports | سبورت Zamalek news .. The search for the “spy” and the exit of 10 players from the clearing list

12:02 PM | Sunday 27 June 2021 Zamalek news Zamalek newsClub news service Zamalek Al-Watan Sport presents it on a daily basis, to find out what is happening inside the Zamalek club, especially at the level of the first football team in the White Castle, or at the administrative level before facing the clearing in … Read more

Preventive clearing of mink farms: Minister quickly takes the plunge

Minister Carola Schouten of Agriculture expects to be able to present the stoppers scheme for mink farmers this week. “I expect that,” she said on Thursday prior to a consultation on the budget for next year. Dozens of mink farms, especially in East Brabant, have now been cleared due to contamination with the corona virus. … Read more

UHD TVs, notebooks, vacuum cleaners on sale: Media Markt is clearing its warehouse

Since residual items usually only consist of a few copies or even just a single product, it is worthwhile to regularly check the desired category: Perhaps the desired product will be included this time. This is also the case with “Wahnsinns Schnellverkauf” from Media Markt. If the individual item is finally out of stock, there … Read more