Climate: International cooperation must accelerate in emitting sectors

REGION DE DONETSK: Former US Marines want to “save lives” in Ukraine, doing humanitarian and military training with the group Mozart, whose name is a “snub” to the Russian paramilitary group Wagner. Walkie-talkie in hand, Steve, 52, 23 of whom are in the Marines, drives a Jeep filled with bags of foodstuffs provided by the … Read more

Climate activist sets himself on fire during a tennis match in Britain

A tennis match in the British capital, London, witnessed a strange incident, Friday, after an environmental activist stormed the stadium, setting himself on fire, causing chaos and stopping the match, according to what was published by foreign media. The match between Stefanos Tsitsipas and Diego Schwartzman in the Laver Cup was when a 20-year-old climate … Read more

GISMETEO: Astronomers discover new Neptune-sized planet – Science and space

Astronomers believe that the birth of planets occurs in protoplanetary disks – gas and dust rings surrounding young stars. Despite the fact that many such disks have been identified throughout the universe, observing how planets are born and formed under such conditions has not been easy. © Mike Brown/Caltech Research leader F. Long once again … Read more

GISMETEO: Scientists have found a barrier to the further work of “James Webb” – Science and space

The recently launched James Webb Space Observatory provides astronomers with the most detailed photographs of space ever explored. Photo from “James Webb” © At the same time, in the new article In the magazine Nature Astronomy American scientists WITH examples have shown that considerable retuning may be required to match the accuracy of the … Read more

Scientists’ Idea of ​​Freezing Melting Polar Ice to Fight the Climate Crisis : Okezone techno

JAKARTA – Climate crisis is a serious problem that scientists are concerned about. Because, making the ice at the poles begin to melt faster, and has a bad impact on the future of the Earth. Reporting from the Independent, Wednesday (21/9/2022), scientists are now sparking the idea to refreeze the North and South Poles to … Read more

Major earthquake and tsunami warning

major earthquake A major earthquake shook the west coast of Mexico on Monday at 2:05 p.m. EST. The Colima-Michoacan region felt the strong tremor whose epicenter is located at a depth of 15.1 km. Its intensity is estimated at 7.6 on the Richter scale. This sector is located between the resorts of Puerto Vallarta and … Read more

Due to extra savings, emissions fall sharply, Urgenda target finally achieved | NOW

Dutch greenhouse gas emissions will fall sharply this year. This is due to the growth of renewable energy and strong energy savings, and despite additional use of coal. One day before Budget Day, it can thus be concluded that the cabinet has one less climate concern: the Urgenda target seems to have definitely been achieved. … Read more

CIO Weekly | A new climate for infrastructure investments

Infrastructure is more than roads, bridges, ports and energy grids. Investment expectations are at least as important. In the industrialized countries, this year showed more than ever that something is amiss with the infrastructure. The post-pandemic rebound confirmed the instability of our supply chains, the Russian invasion of Ukraine the reliance on unreliable energy exporters. … Read more

Climate change forces French winegrowers to change course

NOS/Frank Renout NOS News•Saturday, 18:54 Frank Renout correspondent France Frank Renout correspondent France French winegrowers are desperately looking for solutions as climate change regularly jeopardizes their crops. Last year there was a heavy frost late in the spring. Entire vineyards frozen: the harvest was largely lost. This summer there is an unprecedented heat wave. Grapes … Read more

Toxic climate: Mayor Marchand’s turn to taste it

While violence against elected officials is exploding in the election campaign, and former mayor Labeaume denounces on all platforms the “toxic radio stations of Quebec”, another inadmissible slippage involving a Radio X host on social networks occurred this week. Hounded on his unpaid municipal taxes despite 14 notices, as revealed The newspaper last week, Éric … Read more