Because of the climate crisis – IOC thinks about winter games in the rotation system – Sport

contents Because of the climate crisis, the Winter Olympics could be held more often in the same places in the future. Legend: A conceivable scenario In the future, fewer hosts when hosting the Olympic Winter Games. Keystone/EPA/Martin Divisek Think about a rotation system, said Thomas Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), on the … Read more

Yesilgöz thinks it’s good that climate activists are arrested before protest | inland

31 jan 2023 om 17:14Update: een dag geleden Minister Dilan Yesilgöz (Justice and Security) thinks it is good that climate activists were arrested last week prior to an action on the A12 in The Hague. According to her, it was about sedition and that is prohibited in the Netherlands. Earlier on Tuesday, the Netherlands Institute … Read more

Georgina Verbaan and singer MEROL present at climate protest on A12 | Backbite

Georgina Verbaan will be present at the protest of climate group Extinction Rebellion on Saturday. The actress shared live images and some videos of the demonstration at and on the A12 in The Hague on Instagram. Verbaan, who is not on the highway itself, is not the only well-known Dutchman who, together with Extinction Rebellion, … Read more

CLIMATE: The average temperature on Earth has been falling for the past seven years

According to official and publicly available data from the US Meteorological Agency, the trend of average temperatures across the globe, including seas and oceans, has been decreasing since 2015. First, a small excursion into the recent past. In 2014, Forbes magazine published an article stating that, according to data from the US National Oceanic and … Read more

the president believes that the cholera epidemic has a link with climate change

Welcome » Africa » Malawi: President says cholera outbreak linked to climate change As Cholera rages in Malawi and hundreds of people have already died, the country’s President Lazarus Chakwera has called for more studies on the link between cholera and climate change. In a statement to the BBC, Lazarus Chakwera said he had no … Read more

A rusty, not green planet. Corrosion is a fundamental climate problem — ČT24 — Czech Television

Modern civilization is dying. It’s built around ubiquitous metals, which unfortunately aren’t as indestructible as they should be. When iron is exposed to air, it oxidizes – and rusts. The US alone spends almost a trillion dollars a year on solving this problem. New research showed that corrosion is a fundamental issue in relation to … Read more

Researchers Call Earth Getting Closer to Doomsday

Friday, January 27 2023 – 09:44 WIB LIVE Digital – Bulletin Scientist Atom on Tuesday, January 24, 2023 said, the world is closer to annihilation than it has ever been since the first nuclear bomb was released at the end of World War II. Time on Clock Doomsday move forward from 100 seconds to midnight … Read more

Climate cuts seen industrial built in a pinch – NRK Vestland

Backlog and lack of power «shall not destroy the climate goals”. That is the message from the government, which signed an agreement on Monday “climate partnership” with business. The aim is to contribute to a green transition in the process industry and to establish a “common understanding of what is needed to achieve the climate … Read more

The Animal World: The Vulnerability Of The Red Sea Urchin To Climate Change – All Pages

aaronnystrom In the animal kingdom, the red sea urchin is an important species in commercial fisheries along the California coast.—A new study animal world about red sea urchin, this commercially valuable species. Researchers investigate how different populations respond to changes in their environment. The results show that red sea urchin populations in Northern and … Read more