Maxi fire in Campiglia Marittima, partial closure of the highway. Trains, delays

Campiglia Marittima (Livorno), 8 August 2022 – Massive fire in Campiglia Marittima, in a terrible summer for fires of vegetation. The fire broke out on the afternoon of Monday 8 August. The fire attacked the scrub fields not far from the Aurelia highway. For this reason the highway itself was closed in a southerly direction, … Read more

The definitive closure of the deal is postponed to tomorrow, but there is no doubt about the success. Presentation against Shakhtar © photo by Uefa / Image Sport Contacts between Roma and Paris Saint-Germain continue for Wijnaldum: provides our readers with all the updates about it. 23:28 – “Roma are aiming to close the deal in the evening, or tomorrow morning at the latest. The only thing missing is official status, which will arrive … Read more

“It’s an injustice”: Lalo Mora on the closure of the dam on his ranch

Written in SHOW the 28/7/2022 · 19:04 hs Monterrey.- The Monterrey singer Lalo Mora assured that the breaking of its dams was an injusticesince it not only harmed him, but also the inhabitants near his property. You might be interested in: They release dams from the ranch of Lalo Mora During a press conference, The … Read more

The chaos of the closure of the Jewish body, the Israeli delegation comes to Russia

loading… The Jewish Agency for Israel Building, in Moscow, Russia. Photo/Ivan Vodopyanov/Kommersant TEL AVIV – An Israeli delegation left for Russia on Wednesday evening (27/7/2022) for the first time since the crisis broke out between Moscow and Tel Aviv following Russia’s move to close the Jewish Agency. “On the orders of Prime Minister (PM) Yair … Read more

There is a complete road closure on the M1 due to an accident

On Tuesday at 9:19 a.m., on the side of the M1 highway heading towards Budapest, in kilometer section 69, the driver of a passenger car with a foreign official license plate collided with a vehicle and then crashed into the ditch, writes the In the accident, the driver suffered such serious injuries that he … Read more

“Keep in mind” .. Total closure of the car bridge and the expansion of the 26th of July Corridor (details and tips for safe driving)

The Ministry of Interior announced that the General Department of Cairo Traffic is assigning the necessary traffic services to meet any expected traffic densities and manage traffic, coinciding with the implementation of the complete closure of the car bridges on the Samira Moussa axis passing above the “Mohamed Ali Fahmy” axis, as well as the … Read more

Wärtsilä, all political forces join the march on Thursday with the unions to stop the closure of the San Dorligo della Valle site

Without any division of part, the Friuli Venezia Giulia stands alongside the company’s workers Wärtsiläafter closure announced by the Finnish property. This was reiterated by a meeting that was held at the headquarters of the Region, meanwhile all the political forces have given their adhesion to the manifestation proclaimed for Thursday afternoon in piazza Unità … Read more

The fair is also struggling with a staff shortage, Joop fears closure of the attraction

Fair operator Joop Hoefnagels from Someren-Eind has his hands in his hair. If he doesn’t find staff quickly, he has to close his Break Dance attraction at the fair in Etten-Leur. “I wonder where all those people are, it’s driving me crazy.” Written by Lobke Kapteijns Joop Hoefnagels has been traveling through the country with … Read more

DKI Provincial Government Extends Closure of Tebet Eco Park

Jakarta – DKI Jakarta Provincial Government extends closure Tebet Eco Park. The closure was extended because it was still repairing park facilities. “Hello friends, we apologize that the temporary closure of Tebet Eco Park has been extended,” said the official Instagram account of the DKI Jakarta City Parks and Forest Service (Distamhut), @tamanhutandki, Sunday (3/7/2022). … Read more

60 Holywings Bekasi employees laid off due to temporary closure

Bekasi – Bekasi City Government temporarily closed Holywings Forest of the Quarter Bekasi for violating local regulations. A total of 60 Holywings Forest employees were laid off. “The bottom line is that all employees have been laid off, including myself later,” said General Manager of Holywings Yuli Setiawan when contacted, Wednesday (29/6/2022). “The 60s (Holywings … Read more