NASA’s mission to study the magnetosphere ends with the closure of operations on the Moon

The end of NASA’s mission to study the magnetosphere, NASA A 30-year-old mission by NASA and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) has ended with the closure of operations on the Geotail satellite. Launched in July 1992, Geotail was designed to study Earth’s magnetosphere as particles are affected by our planet’s magnetic field. It is … Read more

RT France, the Kremlin-funded television station, announces its closure after freezing its accounts

“After five years of harassment, the authorities have achieved their goal: RT France will be shut down,” Ksenia Fedorova tweeted. According to her, 123 employees may not receive salaries for the month of January and may lose their jobs as a result of the freezing of their accounts, which was carried out as part of … Read more

The Russian channel RT France announces its “closure”, Moscow threatens the French media in Russia

Moscow has already promised to take retaliatory measures… RT France, the French branch of the Russian channel RT (Russia Today), announced on Saturday its “closure” the next day freezing of bank accounts. “After 5 years of relentlessness, the authorities in power have therefore achieved their ends: the closure of RT France (…) The General Directorate … Read more

Campers ask for dignified exit after sudden closure of Ericeira campsite

15 January 2023 at 20:38 Users of the Ericeira Camping Park, in Mafra, will ask the municipality for a dignified way out after being surprised at the beginning of the year with the sudden decision to close the park within two months. Campers met this weekend with lawyers. Rui Cortez, one of the lawyers who … Read more

Street races, bombs and a party with a thousand people, yet the Council of State partially cancels the closure of the Pirlanta party hall (Brecht)

Ever since the bowling hall in the Ontspanningslaan was given a permit as a party hall eight years ago, the dolls have been dancing there. Local residents had to deal with a lot of noisy parties. The room is located in a recreation zone. Neighbor Karine De Souter (66) has been running riding school Heidepony’s … Read more

Toyota starts leaving São Bernardo and sends employees to the Interior – 01/12/2023

In March, Toyota will start to close down its São Bernardo plant, with the transfer of its employees to other units of the automaker in the interior of the state. The expectation is that 200 of the 550 employees will be sent to the Sorocaba and Porto Feliz plants, informed the ABC Metallurgists Union. With … Read more

Did the UCV inform about the closure of graduate programs in the Faculty of Medicine?

It’s false. Through social networks, false information was disseminated in which the closure of postgraduate courses was ensured due to alleged student desertion at the Faculty of Medicine of the Central University of Venezuela (UCV). The university authorities have clarified that they have not made that decision so far. The information was disseminated by the … Read more

What they say in the Kremlin about the closure of Russian borders for men January 11, 2023 |

“The disseminated information is a “duck” and sabotage,” said Dmitry Peskov. Dmitry Peskov has previously urged not to trust information from Telegram channels – for example, when he said about a possible second wave of mobilization. According to him, one should not take seriously what was only talked about in social networks.

Ryanair will not reopen its Zaventem base this summer: “The strikes have nothing to do with this closure”

Some still believed in a last minute reversal. But Michael O’Leary, the boss of Ryanair stayed on his line: the Irish company is closing its base at Brussels-National airport for good. A half-surprise since Ryanair no longer parked planes in Zaventem during this winter season. The company will therefore also not reopen during the summer … Read more