Denmark will provide € 2.6 billion in support to mink farmers in connection with the closure of the sector

The Danish government has announced that mink growers could be paid more than 19 billion kronor (2.6 billion euros) for the decision to eliminate millions of mink due to a mutation in the new coronavirus. Content will continue after the ad Advertising Denmark was the fourth largest exporter of mink skins, but last year all … Read more

Barcelona judges approve a protocol to save thousands of companies from closure

Barcelona’s commercial judges have approved a new protocol to make it easier for bankruptcy to contribute to the survival of businesses in crisis and most of their jobs. In this case, through a figure known as the prepack . This mechanism, used in jurisdictions such as the Netherlands or the United Kingdom, encompasses all actions … Read more

Live music resigns to closure

There are those who brought all their programming to streaming. Some, in order not to go bankrupt, chose to reinvent themselves, change their direction or become restaurants overnight. Others have simply been for ten months with their doors closed and without the possibility of reopening immediately. These are the diverse realities that some of the … Read more

Business closure insurance: Allianz compares again

January 22, 2021 – Insurers continue to try to avoid negative judgments in a dispute with corona victims. One way is out-of-court settlements. The GDV sees the legal opinion of the industry as largely confirmed by the courts. Lawyers are critical of the figures. Again the Allianz Insurance AG reached an agreement with a plaintiff … Read more

poetry, closure and alternative history

An exciting alternative history fiction; the search for the meaning of some immigrants in Paris; works of the poet Geoffrey Hill; the vindication of the life of a woman who for a long time has been considered only the lover of Porfirio Díaz; reflections on confinement as punishment and as purification … these are the … Read more

Lawyers and judges demand the closure of courts

Steven Barrett, Dave McNairn, Warren (Smokey) Thomas, Tony Loparco and Scott Travers are among the signatories. Photos: Websites of Goldblatt Partners, Hicks LeMoine Law, OPSEU, Radio-Canada and the Society of United Professionals Worried about the resurgence of COVID-19 cases in the province, the Ontario justice community wants to see all in-person hearings cease in favor … Read more

17 images of yesteryear that will make you remember the fun of El Mundo Feliz after five years of its closure | News from El Salvador

“For the El Mundo Feliz team it is very sad to make this decision but the memories and satisfaction of our clients are important”, were the words with which the company said goodbye to the Salvadoran public on January 17, 2016. The thematic complex It was founded in 1967 and remained on the Boulevard de … Read more

Hollow: Boongy announced the closure of the original site on February 9

After the announcementXbox 360 Generation Hollow Game Server Shutdown Last month this was the website for the franchise that is now shutting down the bungee. It was a shy nature for her Blog The storied license maker announces almost without hesitation a weekly event on what’s left of the revolutionary FBS. In fact, if the … Read more

Boris Johnson announces closure of road corridors in the United Kingdom – Falcón Informativa

Boris Johnson British Prime Minister on Friday announced the closure of all road corridors from Monday to protect the British people from new strains. “Protect against the risk of new strains of Covid-19 not yet identified.” He added that any individual traveling to the United Kingdom must carry a test that has tested negative for … Read more

Tottenham couldn’t get past the draw at home

With a change of plans in the weekday schedule, Tottenham, who initially had to face Aston Villa, played home to Fulham and drew 1-1 for the sixteenth day of the Premier League, missing the opportunity to get on the podium. The Spurs showed a great level from the beginning, leaving the Whites without air before … Read more