Afghanistan. Women’s protest. Afghan women show what traditional clothes look like [TWITTER]

In recent weeks, the Taliban, once again ruling Afghanistan, introduced a number of changes, including concerning the segregation of men and women in public places, and therefore also in lecture halls. Currently, Afghan women can participate in classes, but according to the interpretation of Sharia law, they must wear an abaya (black garment to the … Read more

Afghanistan, women’s social protest against the Taliban: “Don’t touch my clothes”

After taking to the streets to demonstrate in favor of civil rights, Afghan women have launched a campaign on social media against the restrictions of the new Taliban regime which also imposes strict rules on the dress code. The hashtag is #DoNotTouchMyClothes (“Don’t touch my clothes”). The women posted photos and videos in brightly colored … Read more

Lamita Franjieh plays billiards in sexy clothes – with the picture

The Lebanese actress and model publishedLamita FranjiehA photo that caused a stir on her personal page on the social networking site. Lamita appeared playing billiards with a remarkable look, as she wore a narrow and short skirt and a white top, and lifted her hair with a soft hairstyle and wore high heels. Her look … Read more

Twitch files a complaint against 2 users

It has been a few weeks since a protest movement took place on Twitch. At the call of some popular streamers, a strike was organized to protest against the proliferation of hate, racist messages and harassment on the platform. Twitch is thus the subject of waves of “Hate Raids” carried out against streamers who offer … Read more

Before being killed in a clothes warehouse, a couple in Banjarmasin asked their boss’s children whether they wanted to sleep at the crime scene or not

TRIBUNWOW.COM – The police are still investigating the cause of the death of a family in a clothing warehouse in Kota Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan, Friday (10/9/2021) night. A married couple on behalf of Ahmad Saubari and Sela, and their toddler child Khadijah were found in a rotting condition under a plastic heap containing new clothes. … Read more

These 2 women irritate people for begging without clothes, but there is a sad story behind their actions -These two women took off their clothes and knelt down begging for the mercy of the people in the street. Asking people for money, these half-naked women even irritate those who pass by. Recently, two women begging on the streets caused a stir on social media. They took off their clothes and asked passersby … Read more

Tumbled 350 billion!Zhou Hongyi, the leader of the “Red Clothes”, just launched | RMB_Sina

Investment Research Report Daily limit again! Lithium salt is the spear, the motor is the shield, the sword is pointing to hundreds of billions, and the integrated leader of lepidolite mining, dressing and smelting rebirth (heavy deep market value space calculation) BYD’s hard work is willing to rebuild and reassess its own brand, intelligently subvert … Read more

Summer in the style of Mustafa Fahmy … clothes in bright colors and evening parties on the North Coast | album

Where is the time of misery, Hussein… It was a sentence that the artist Mustafa Fahmy said to his brother Hussein in one of the advertisements in which they participated, and from that time they follow the audience of Mustafa Fahmy and confirm that the “time of misery” is not over. The artist, Mustafa Fahmy, … Read more

In the footsteps of his father: Jasikevičius’ son wore Barca’s clothes

In the photo – 9-year-old Lukas and Šarūnas Jasikevičiai with the same number 13 on a Barcelona club shirt. “Jasikevičius number 13 returned to Barca. Like a father, so does a son “, – A. Douka Jasikevičius was happy for a special moment in the social network. We will remind you that Šarūnas himself also … Read more