The Fed’s chief hammered the final nail into the coffin of the dollar’s bullish path.. Everyone rejoices. By

© Reuters – Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell confirmed market speculation about a 50 basis point rate hike at the next meeting, not 75 basis points. This indicates that the Fed is now taking the time to see the repercussions of its monetary policy on inflation, which began to record lower than expected levels, … Read more

Ewa Zakrzewska hits Martyna from “Top Model”: “I haven’t been watching her career since the moment of ‘Coffin on wheels'”

Hiding under the pseudonym “Ewokracja” Ewa Zakrzewska is a plus size model who is usually written about in the context of subsequent media conflicts. After the war with Anna Lewandowska i Maffashion the celebrity publicly dealt with a flight attendant some time ago, who she was supposed to humiliate her on one of the flights. … Read more

Cavill left The Witcher and nailed a nail to Netflix’s coffin

photo Can Nguyen / / Capital Pictures $ 1 million per episode was unable to convince Henry Cavill to stay in “The Witcher.” Geralt of Rivia is to be replaced by Liam Hemsworth. Is it possible to write about the Netflix inclined plane? The White Wolf Fandom has electrifying news – Henry Cavill will not return … Read more

Last farewell to Jaroslav Čejka: None of the famous came

A few dozen people gathered yesterday in the funeral hall of the Opava Municipal Cemetery. On behalf of the Actors’ Association (HA), the chairperson of the Club of Seniors Libuše Štědrá (79) arrived, who spoke over the casket. “He traveled the world with his art, but always enjoyed returning home. I met him right here, … Read more

Finally, the question that baffled millions was revealed.. You will not believe what is the secret of the fall of the coffin of the seductress (Faten Hamama) and the terrifying and intense screams of the artist Farouk al-Fishawi in her grave.. You will not expect what happened!

2022/10/20 It’s 05:20 am Island Bay | Follow Favorite The late artist Souad Hosni refused to embody the role of the spy in the movie Ascent to the Abyss, and many artists also stayed away from embodying negative characters for fear of the audience’s reaction and the loss of popularity they enjoy. The late artist … Read more

Terrifying cases of “birth in a coffin” baffle even scientists: they are recorded extremely rarely

A gruesome find in a medieval grave From the discovered remains of a pregnant woman, it could be concluded that she had undergone a cranial surgery, as a possible life-threatening complication had arisen. A little later, scientists published an article in the journal “World Neurosurgery” in which they tried to explain what happened to this … Read more

PHOTO. Putin’s 70th anniversary. Prague “congratulates” with a doll in a coffin and other unusual holiday greetings

Vladimir Putin is 70 On Friday, Russian President Vladimir Putin was “congratulated” on his 70th birthday abroad, including with a doll in a coffin in Prague and a cross in Vienna. Activists in the Czech capital placed a coffin with a Putin doll in front of the Russian embassy, ​​and also posted a relevant video … Read more

A small white coffin topped with a teddy bear and a comforter: the last goodbye to Noéline and her mother in Luttre, who died in an accident in Godarville, was held this Thursday morning

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The 18-year-old Guardsman who accompanied Elizabeth II’s coffin during her funeral was found without signs of life in the barracks

Jack Burnell Williams served in the Royal Cavalry and escorted the monarch’s coffin from Westminster Abbey to Wellington Arch. September 28, around 4 p.m. local time, he was found dead in the Hyde Park barracks, reports “It is with great sadness that we confirm that in 2022 September 28 Private Jack Burnell Williams has … Read more