The German Stock Exchange has suspended trading in CoinBase shares due to the loss of the code

The German Stock Exchange said that it will stop trading in the shares of “QueenBase Global Inc.” due to the loss of the necessary papers to be present on its platform. It stated in a statement that it would suspend trading on April 23. The stock exchange clarified that the company that listed the shares … Read more

What if you received dividends from Ethereum (ETH)? Coinbase stormed for ETH 2.0 stacking

Coinbase is finally coming to the staking game – Announced in December at the time of the release of the beacon chain, Coinbase has finally launched its staking service for Ethereum 2.0. The now listed company joins other platforms, such as Kraken or Binance, already offering this service. Up to 6% return via Coinbase On … Read more

Coinbase comes into force on Wall Street as the cryptocurrency market soars

Crédit : Useacoin/Shutterstock. The cryptocurrency exchange platform Coinbase made a remarkable entry on the New York Stock Exchange today. With Nasdaq setting the benchmark price at $ 250 per share, the California-based company reaches $ 65.3 billion in valuation, the highest valuation for an American company since Uber in 2019. So far, no company entirely … Read more

Coinbase CEO sold $ 291.8 million worth of shares on the day of its Nasdaq debut

Published: 19 abr 2021 04:33 GMT During its first day of public offering for sale, the capitalization of the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the US reached 99.6 billion dollars. Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the US, sold a total of $ 291.8 million in shares on Wednesday, in the company’s … Read more

Coinbase effect: What will be the impact on the cryptocurrency market?

According to the CEO Coinbase, Brian Armstrong, made a direct listing of his company on burzu Nasdaq became a “turning point” for the whole industry kryptoměn, which means a significant “shift in legitimacy.” As was recently published in a Bloomberg article, this was certainly not always the case. Armstrong goes back to a time when … Read more

Coinbase goes public. Where will the share price and bitcoin go?

The growth of the company’s value was expected for many analysts. “The reference price for Coinbase shares was set by the Nasdaq technology exchange at $ 250, which would bring the market value of the company to about 65 billion dollars, about 1410 billion crowns. But such an amount seems ridiculously low, given that a … Read more

Coinbase went public. Its value has risen to almost 100 billion

A historical event for the world of cryptocurrencies. At least since February of this year, there has been talk of the plan of the large American exchange office Coinbase to enter the stock exchange, which would make it the first publicly traded company in this field. The plan came true today, and Coinbase launched a … Read more

Here’s how Wall Street reacts to JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo balance sheets. Awaiting for Coinbase landing, Bitcoin looks to $ 64,000

Wall Street officially becomes hostage to the US quarterly reports, which went live today with the publication of the financial statements, relating to the first quarter of the year, of the three American banking giants Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Wells Fargo. Goldman Sachs shares rose by more than + 3%, JP Morgan and Wells Fargo … Read more

Bitcoin continues to break new highs above $ 64,000

Bitcoin crossed the $ 64,000 mark for the first time ever, according to CoinMarketCap data, to continue its winning streak in 2021 and reach a new peak in a day. Initial Public Offering of the Coinbase platform. The inclusion of the largest US cryptocurrency platform on the Nasdaq on Wednesday marks a historic victory for … Read more