Taurus love or not love is actually very obvious!Net column “12 zodiac signs don’t love anymore” performance: Taurus will never be free, “this zodiac sign” starts to think you are vexatious

Because I have seen what love looks like before, when faced with the fact that my partner does not love, I often know it well, but I deceive myself! Let’s share the performance of the 12 constellations “I don’t love anymore”, come and see who is the right one~ Aries, Scorpio, Leo, Virgo: You are … Read more

On the verge of the playoffs, where do you want to counterattack the Nuggets and the Lakers are so confident? | Sports column | Sports

The regular season of this season is coming to an end, and the competition in the Western Conference play-offs has become fierce. There is only one victory between the 7th and 12th. In the remaining 7 to 10 games of each team, the rankings may be reshuffled at any time.Among them, Los AngeleslakersThe recent 2-game … Read more

Save the Lakers privates!Undrafted rookie Reeves’ 93-second miracle moment | Sports Column | Sports

lakersThe script is never afraid of having no hot spots and topics! Reeves, a rookie who was defeated in the 2021 NBA, has now become the first actor in “Rescue the Lakers”. The Los Angeles Lakers have this kind of Hollywood magic story. Reeves scored a career-high 35 points, scored 10 points in the last … Read more

4 “War Elephants” that are worth watching, column ONE MAN SHOW by Man Kosin

After announcing the name of 25 players, the set will prepare for a warm-up match according to the FIFA Day calendar with Syria on March 25 and the UAE on March 28 in the United Arab Emirates. With both matches hitting at one o’clock in the morning, broadcast live on Thairath TV and AIS Play. … Read more

Column | How Ukraine is starting to feel like our frontline state

Wednesday’s election result is, as has often been said, an expression of deep dissatisfaction with the establishment. With the government’s climate policy, with the nitrogen plans and also with the Dutch administrative culture. But in another area, BBB’s gains and the implosion of the FVD lead to more consensus: the war in Ukraine. Thierry Baudet … Read more

Overcoming Obesity More Seriously

Jakarta – The issue of overweight still lacks serious attention in developing countries. The government and society are more focused on addressing the problem of underweight (underweight) such as malnutrition or stunting. That’s why, many programs to overcome malnutrition and health benefits are carried out in these countries, while programs to overcome poverty overweight almost … Read more

SMAP and 3.11, TV 22:00 “Miracle back cover” is “I’m sure it’s not a coincidence”-Ume Channel-Entertainment Column: Nikkan Sports

At 10:00 pm on the 11th, five former members of SMAP swept the TV prime time, and SNS was buzzing with the “miracle behind the scenes” of SMAP on every channel. I am deeply moved by the fact that this day was the 3.11 of the Great East Japan Earthquake, which they continued to be … Read more

Column for March 12, 2023 – Bear’s garlic – A spring jewel in a salad and a valuable medicinal herb for the intestines, heart and blood vessels.

Allium is the family name, a plant family with many health and medicinal properties, which also includes, for example, garlic, onion, leek, shallot and many other types of garlic growing in the wild. Ursinum is the species name of the wild garlic. Ursinum is derived from the Latin word ursus, meaning ‘bear’.

Cities: Skylines 2 stands on the shoulders of a giant | column

But tall trees catch a lot of wind Written by Lars Cornelis op Saturday, March 11, 2023 8:00 AM Coincidence or not, in the past few weeks I built my very best city in Cities: Skylines. Usually there comes a point where my city collapses under its own growth, but after eight years of experimenting, … Read more