The mobile games market is shrinking for the first time – may it rot in hell – Games column: Professionals

9.6 percent: What sounds like the current inflation rate is actually the shrinkage factor of the mobile games market. The exploding success of the colorful block games in recent years, which have allowed us to mutate into zombies with gambling mechanisms, could not grow by the predicted 25 percent for the first time, but could … Read more

How to port when the real RECESSION hasn’t arrived yet?

Entering August, the market appears to have eased concerns over strong US interest rate hikes and lower inflation in the coming months. But raising interest rates for the rest of the year continues to move forward. and the fast and strong interest rate hike in the previous period. causing economic growth to decline And there … Read more

“Grandpa” stopped a column of Russians. Unknown story from Bucza

The 64-year-old retiree participated in the Maidan protests and served as a volunteer in the Donbas in 2014. He tried to enlist in the territorial defense in Bucza, where he lived, but there weren’t enough weapons for him. Despite the danger, he went to Irpien, where he was given an RPG-18 grenade launcher captured by … Read more

How safe is Zipmex digital assets on the exchange?

It was stated that the non-withdrawable portion of the asset is the asset that is in the ZipUp product, before opening the deposit system later in the Trade Wallet. So how safe are the assets on the exchange and why can Zipmex Thailand be able to exploit the assets of their clients? Why is Zipmex … Read more

The Last Of Us: Part 1 is geldklopperij | Column

Eighty euro graphic mod Written by Jari Klapwijk on Saturday 30 July 2022 08:00 The Last Of Us is one of the best games ever made for me. Joel and Ellie’s trek will always be dear to me and I initially applauded a remake. Until I found out what exactly has changed in the game. … Read more

Why I won’t let XRT_Boom3rKilla_2003 shoot me anymore – Games column: Professional gamers

The screen briefly turns red. My character died – again. I didn’t even see the opponent. Only in the replay does it become clear that my chances of winning were never there due to his reaction speed. Listlessly, I throw the gaming device on the couch and once again wish for servers for old people … Read more