E-commerce: boom in transactions, but what protection of users’ personal data? (investigation)

Nearly nine in ten consumers (85%) want to know how their personal information will be protected before paying online, according to the 2022 Stay Secure survey, launched by Visa and HPS Switch. Similarly, 78% of consumers said that the security of the payment methods offered on a merchant’s website was the main reason why they … Read more

In a letter to the Department of Commerce, Democrats said the United States needed a common charger

The Senate Democrat Group is calling on the US Department of Commerce to adopt a European approach, forcing all smartphone manufacturers to build devices that meet the global charging standard. In a letter on Thursday Addressing Trade Secretary Gin Raimondo and Senator Ed Mark (D-MA) along with Senators Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Bernie Sanders (I-VT), … Read more

The rules of online commerce are changing: what is the most important thing to look out for?

June 1 this year. new rules for relations between manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers have entered into force. The new rules pay special attention to the activities of companies in the electronic space. The previous regulation, drafted in 2010, lags far behind the intensive development of the online sector and has raised many questions for market … Read more

Aneel proposes rule to allow sale of part of the energy generated in homes and commerce | Economy

The board of the National Electric Energy Agency (ring) proposed this Tuesday (31) rules so that small consumers who generate their own energy, at home or in commerce, can sell leftovers to distributors. The presentation of the proposal takes place after President Jair Bolsonaro sanctions a law dealing with the subsidy for solar energy and … Read more

Entrepreneurs in the Baltics are enjoying e – commerce – not enough knowledge and courage Business

Entrepreneurs point out that development into the online space is hampered by fears of innovation, small business volumes and lack of knowledge. Luminor experts say that these problems can be solved through cooperation. About half of the surveyed managers of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the Baltic States stated that they did not receive … Read more

2022 Changsha Federation of Industry and Commerce “Xingshang Cup” badminton tournament closes

Star Online | Author: Correspondent Wu DingjunEditor: Chen JixiangInstructor on duty: Du JinOn-duty editorial board: Chen Sisi   Star Online News on May 30 (Correspondent Wu Dingjun)On the afternoon of May 29th, the 2022 Changsha Federation of Industry and Commerce “Star Merchant Cup” badminton tournament concluded. After two days of fierce competition, a total of 8 … Read more

Bodybuilding Industry Powerless Against Whole Bus Imports from China

UNGARAN, KOMPAS.com – Circulation electric bus in Indonesia is now more and more. For example, in Transjakarta, there are already 30 bus The number of electricity operated and targeted continues to grow. However, the buses used are still imported intact from China, wears the BYD brand. Though, it could just be bus chassis only electricity … Read more

More than 20 companies are officiated by Sernac to find out if they comply with online commerce regulations | Economy

The Sernac will require these companies to provide a series of records to verify whether they are fully complying with the requirements established by this regulation, in force since March 24. The National Consumer Service (Sernac) served more than 20 marketplaces and product delivery platforms within the framework of an investigation that aims to verify … Read more

When stocks and bonds tumble together, investors look for alternatives

AFP, published on Sunday, May 15, 2022 at 10:14 a.m. Worst start to the year since 1939 for equities on Wall Street, and unprecedented fall in bonds since 1842: to escape the slump of the two star investments, investors are looking for alternatives. “For the first time in decades, investors are facing both real inflationary … Read more