Germany against energy collapse – this is how Swedish companies are affected

THE ACUTE ELECTRIC CRISIS Photo: Adam Ihse / TT, Mostphotos, Private German Minister of Trade and Industry Robert Habeck warns of a collapse in the energy system. “Energy prices are rising to unimaginable heights,” says energy analyst Staffan Reveman and flags that the crisis is also affecting Swedish companies. “Whatever you do in Sweden – … Read more

CEO of Qatar Insurance Group to CNBC Arabia: Digitizing the insurance sector has become a matter of survival for operating companies | latest news

In an interview with CNBC Arabia on the sidelines of the Middle East Insurance Technology Forum, Salem Al-Mannai, CEO of Qatar Insurance Group, said that the digitization of insurance services has become an urgent necessity imposed by the rapid pace of the economy. Salem Al-Mannai added that it has become the main means for companies … Read more

QNB holds the first positions in the Forbes list of the 100 most powerful companies in 2022

QNB Group, the largest financial institution in the Middle East and Africa, topped the Forbes list of the 100 most powerful companies in the Middle East, as it succeeded in winning first place at the level of Qatari companies, and third place at the level of the Middle East. QNB Group tops Forbes’ list of … Read more

Wage increases: beyond the increase in the minimum wage on August 1, 2022, how can companies be encouraged to completely revise their salary scales upwards?

SMIC increases, what about higher wages? The rise in minimum wage is essential, it directly impacts 2.25 million employees in the private sector, i.e. 13% of employees. The next increase in the minimum wage, scheduled for August 1st, of a rate still to be defined (the calculations indicate 2.8% at the end of June, but … Read more

Miners and companies leave the cryptocurrency market in droves because it doesn’t make a profit

As we have been reporting over the last few weeks, the cryptocurrency segment is going through a less good phase, with the valuation of currencies plummeting, which has left investors on alert. In this sense, this reality is triggering several consequences, including the fact that miners and companies dedicated to this sector are leaving the … Read more

The strong interest rate hike in the United States has forced Taiwan’s life insurance industry into trouble… A list of 21 life insurance companies, which ones are on the verge of a cliff? | Anue Hugh – Magazine

Written by the editorial team of Today Magazine 2022 will certainly not be a good year for the insurance industry. Taiwan’s property insurance storm is still in the final stage of clearing up the battlefield. In the end, it will pay 60 billion yuan and 80 billion yuan? It is still as high as 100 … Read more

Home internet packages Omantel is one of the most important telecom companies in the Sultanate of Oman

Omantel home internet packages, Omantel is one of the leading telecommunications companies in the Sultanate of Oman. It helps develop society in terms of preparing it for digital transformation, and makes the Sultanate in progress and prosperity, in addition to providing all means that contribute greatly to learning and entertainment for all. Therefore, the company … Read more

Is the share price of video game companies falling less in financial crises?

Video games Niche Entertainment has grown into a serious segment of the entertainment industry over the past decade, outperforming both the film and music industries in terms of money. The number of players is growing every year. This means that more and more money is circulating in the industry and companies involved in the development … Read more

Major US companies support staff after abortion ruling

States can now legislate on this themselves. Some states will prohibit abortion entirely or only allow abortion in cases involving rape, incest or endangering the mother’s life. Different rules in each state Companies are now standing up for their employees, should they at any time be confronted with this new legislation. Apple, Facebook parent Meta … Read more

Lithuanian companies are facing postponement of orders: gloomy mood in the global market

Carries out contract manufacturing Located in Ukmergė UAB „Hennordic“ is an international group of companies AB „Umega Group“ Member State and specializes in metalworking. As her director says Tomas Džiugas, the joint group includes four factories, two of which are located in Utena, one we visit in Ukmergė, and in 2016. also acquired a factory … Read more