Peter Mark Richman, ‘Three’s Company’ and ‘Dynasty’ actor, dies at 93

Peter Mark Richman, an actor who appeared on series such as “Beverly Hills, 90210” and “Dynasty,” has died at the age of 93, according to a representative. Richman, a native of Philadelphia, died of natural causes Thursday morning in Woodland Hills, California. Before starting as a stage actor in New York, Richman worked as a … Read more

SCI: Manager or partners cannot endanger their company by mortgaging a property

SCI: Manager or partners cannot endanger their company by mortgaging a property A family SCI recently submitted a problem to the Court of Cassation. In order to guarantee a professional debt, one of its members wanted to grant a mortgage on a building owned by the SCI to its creditor. The Court considered that this … Read more

Babcock places Luis Mataix and Ángel Rodero at the helm of his Alicante helicopter company

ALICANTE. He holding British transport company Babcock reorganizes the management of its Alicante helicopter company (the old Inaer), acquired in 2014. The firm based in Mutxamel is now under the direct management of the executive from Alcoy Luis Mataix, who recently joined the board of directors, and of Angel Rodero, who has been serving as … Read more

Manzana. The company that goes beyond technology should not forget its essence (opinion)

Apple is a company that started by making a difference with personal computers. Then the iPhone came along and literally broke the market. The same happened with the iPad and with the AirPods as well. If we look back we can say that the company is pure innovation. But it seems that sometimes its essence … Read more

No prohibition of prosecution for the beneficiary of a real security for others – Company in difficulty

If it is true that the grantor of a real security interest for the guarantee of the debt of a third party does not undertake to satisfy the obligation of another, there is a giant step forward in deducing that this grantor is not the debtor of the beneficiary, who is not, conversely, his creditor. … Read more

Senior woman from Enger pays goods in cash – niece takes care of contradiction – company from Olpe enables reverse transaction: Doorstep business: a 90-year-old … – Enger

The good news first: After a bit of back and forth, the matter can be reversed. The money has already been refunded. “The 89 euros are gone, just like the old mattress. Now my aunt needs a new one, ”says the woman from Engeran. She makes the whole thing public on Facebook. “I want to … Read more

Interventional Oncology Market Forecast to 2025 with Key Company Profile, Market Trends, Growth Factor, Size, Share, Supply, Demand and Cost Structure

The Interventional Oncology market research is provided on important factors such as the needs of consumers and the changes observed in them over time, the market sales in terms of value and volume, the emerging opportunities. Furthermore, the report includes the growth of the Interventional Oncology market, trends, factors driving this market, threats associated with … Read more

The Spanish company UC Global spied on Assange to …

The company Undercover Global SL collaborated with the CIA to spy on the founder of Wikileaks at his diplomatic asylum in London. He did so through millionaire Sheldon Adelson – Trump’s personal friend and promoter of Eurovegas – and his ties to the Stratfor agency. As of 2017, the Ecuadorian embassy infested with high-tech micro-cameras … Read more

The United States puts Xiaomi and the oil company Cnooc on the ‘blacklist’

January 14, 2021 | 4:10 pm The United States imposed new restrictions on Chinese companies and gave the federal government more power to curb the import of technology from the country. This, as the Donald Trump administration scrambles to increase pressure on Beijing in his final days in office, the Financial Times revealed. The near-last-minute … Read more

Aerospace Wearable Material Market Size Review 2021, Future Growth, Global Survey, In-depth Analysis, Share, Key Findings, Company Profiles, Comprehensive Analysis, Development Strategy, Emerging Technologies, Trends and Forecast by Regions – Radio Petrer 107 , 2 fm

The Global Aerospace Wearable Materials Market (2021-2026) report identifies the market sales by regional analysis by product type and product applications since 2015. The Aerospace Wearable Materials Market research report provides an analysis on product sales, price , margin, growth (regional volume). The market research report offers an analysis of the historical and current scenario … Read more