When Suharto returned from Egypt, Jakarta was like a sea of ​​fire from a plane

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Twenty-five years ago, on 13-15 May 1998, riots broke out in Jakarta. The riots were triggered by the monetary crisis that hit Indonesia and never got better. As a result, many companies went bankrupt, dozens of banks were liquidated and various large projects were stopped. According to a senior journalist for Kompas … Read more

Sama Al-Masry..a Saudi housewife swept a rocket that appeared in transparent black in her bedroom with a dance compass that shook the youth..and a follower defeated Safinaz and Lurdiana

A housewife started a very large dance while she was in her bedroom while she was wearing a black dress, which spread very widely on the social networking page and on the social media pages in a very large way because of the middle of the dance that was performed by a Saudi housewife while … Read more

Watch the video and audio.. Al-Dalouaa is a very beautiful, blonde housewife, and the internet was shocked to shake right and shake left, compass dancing from inside a room. Sama Al-Masry parked on the shelf..and the audience watched the spoiling!!

News about Sama Al-Masry, who turns into a man and publishes the first photo after a “chin” appears.. and flirts with a celebrity. “I want to marry you.” Watch now with details The Egyptian dancer, Sama Al-Masry, participated in the age challenge, or what was known as the Face App, which has recently spread on … Read more

Watch before the deletion.. A very beautiful blonde Egyptian bride, Daloua, challenges the most famous dancer, Sama Al-Masry and Safinaz, a dance compass in the bedroom, and the groom is sitting like her disappointment.. Watch Al-Malban

A super-beautiful bride challenges the most famous dancer, with what she did from inside her bedroom. She dazzled everyone, leaving Sama Al-Masry and Fifi Abdo on the shelf, and the audience was in amazement at what happened.In the past years, many videos like this have spread with the spread of social networking sites and search … Read more

Watch before deletion.. Two very beautiful Saudi girls dazzled the youth, doing the impossible with a strong dance compass that challenges the most famous dancer, Sama Al-Masry and Fifi Abdo!!

We are with you on new news, a video of a girl dancing in one of the very strong weddings, and it appears from this video that the two girls are working in the profession of dancing. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the Arab countries that cares about the moral traditions and … Read more

Watch before deletion.. A very beautiful Gulf housewife challenges the most famous dancer, Sama Al-Masry, and Safinaz, a belly dance compass, one of the most beautiful things that dazzled the youth!!

The Iraqi journalist Nizar Al-Faris hosted, on the Iraqi Dijla channel, the dancer “Safinaz”, in an episode of controversy. Part of the interview shows that the dancer, Safinaz, refused to practice dancing if she had a child, because of the hardship of this exhausting profession. The dancer Safinaz also said during her interview with “Nizar … Read more

PLN Claims To Have Provided 616 SPKLUs

PT PLN (Persero) claims that currently it has provided 616 Public Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (SPKLU) spread across various locations in Indonesia, to support the use of battery-based electric cars. It’s just that, said Director of Commerce and Retail of PLN Edi Srimulyanti, the distribution is still concentrated in Java, Sumatra and Bali. “We have … Read more

Toyota Indonesia Responds to the Toyota-Daihatsu Crash Test Scandal

Not long ago, several Daihatsu car models were hit by a scandal related to the cheating of their crash test results. This incident also dragged the name of Toyota. Quoted from Asia.nikkei.com, on Saturday April 29 2023 yesterday. Daihatsu has made modifications to the inside of the doors during side crash safety tests which were … Read more

Right shake and left shake… Social media ignited a strong dance compass for Saudi female students in a school that challenges the most famous dancer in the Arab world

Several girls in Saudi Arabia, performing a very strong dance, took the lead in the words of the youth, what they did in a famous school, and made everyone stunned because of what they did. The pioneers of social networking sites circulated this video with great force. This video, spread with great force, shows girls … Read more

Often a sperm donor, a father in the Netherlands has 600 children scattered in various countries

A father from the Netherlands is estimated to have 500-600 children spread across various countries in the world. He can have many offspring because he often follows sperm donors. Seeing these conditions, a Dutch court ordered the man to stop donating his sperm, Friday (28/4/2023). Based on a report by the De Telegraaf newspaper, the … Read more