L. Lekavičius, who suffered an injury in Jonava, will not compete for at least a month

In the third quarter of Monday’s match in Jonava, L. Lekavičius felt a sudden pain and could not continue the match. On Tuesday, the Žalgiris resident underwent tests at Gijos clinics. After them, it turned out that L. Lekavičius had a broken rib. This means that the defender will not be able to compete for … Read more

Ingrid Coronado acknowledges that she wanted to compete with Andrea Legarreta

Ingrid Coronado. (Photo by Jaime Nogales/Medios y Media/Getty Images) MEXICO CITY, December 5 (EL UNIVERSAL).- For many years, Televisa and TV Azteca have had a serious competition to see who is crowned as the one with the highest rating. However, this rivalry has never acquired as much strength as it has until now that both … Read more

Nothing intends to enter the US market and compete with the iPhone there

The British company Nothing, already known for its smartphone Phone (1) and wireless headphones, initiated negotiations with American mobile operators on sales of their smartphones on their sites, which, according to its head, can compete on equal terms with the Apple iPhone. Image Source: Nothing The startup behind Carl Pei, one of the founders of … Read more

The Witcher prequel trailer is drowning in dislikes, and commentators compete in wit

© Yesterday, Netflix released a trailer for the new film The Witcher: Origins, and users are actively disliking it and competing in wit in the comments. The first teaser, released last month, garnered 149,000 dislikes on YouTube, and with the release of the new trailer, the number of dislikes has more than doubled likes — … Read more

Hjulsta’s first women’s basketball team is now being started – wants to give women with hijab the opportunity to compete

Before the new regulations were decided by FIBA, the International Basketball Federation, in 2017, women in headscarves were stopped from competing professionally after they turned 18. The justification was that it could injure the wearer, teammates or opponents, or that the garment could fall off. In connection with the lifting of the ban, several media … Read more

Visvaldas Matijošaitis will compete for a third term as mayor of Kaunas

“I am a principled person. I never take steps lightly, and in this case I feel a great responsibility to at least a third of a million inhabitants. So I decided to ask my employers – the people of Kaunas – for the last time, can we continue to work? I invite everyone to express … Read more

Highest PDI-P Electability, Gerindra-Golkar-Democrats Compete Tightly

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – The Indonesian Political Indicator poll shows that the first electability of political parties (parpol) is occupied by PDI-P. The survey, which took place from 30 October to 5 November 2022, revealed that the political party led by Megawati Soekarnoputri had an electoral rate of 23.5 percent. This electability achievement is far away … Read more

Portaltic.-Sony compares Battlefield with Call Of Duty and claims that no FPS can compete with the Activision Blizzard game

MADRID, 25 Nov. (Portaltic/EP) – Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) has claimed that no first-person shooter (FPS) game compares to the success of Call Of Duty, not even the equally popular Battlefield, a claim it has used as an argument to avoid that the Activision Blizzard purchase by Microsoft. Last month of Januarythe Xbox developer reached … Read more

Sony Says Battlefield Cannot Compete with Call of Duty • Jagat Play

The drama about whether Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision will pass or not will pass is indeed a sight that is always interesting to look forward to. What’s the article? Because in the name of an argument to convince the competent authority, those who support and oppose will throw so many interesting narratives to listen to. … Read more