Microsoft admits Windows 11 Notepad has a bug!Users complain about slow processing speed – Free e-Newsletter 3C Technology

Microsoft admits bug in Windows 11 Notepad. (Picture/Internet) Microsoft’s “Notepad” is a commonly used function in the Windows system. It has also been revised in Windows 11, such as the introduction of a UI design with rounded corners, and the first support for dark mode, which replaces the notepad with black paper. And adding new … Read more

Chinese automakers complain about the increase in the cost of chips by more than 100 times

As the global chip shortage persists, it is affecting China’s car manufacturing as well. Local automakers note a multiple increase in the cost of semiconductors. Image Source: XPeng In a recent speech, the head XPeng He Xiaopeng complained that the cost of chips has risen more than 100 times due to possible price manipulation. According … Read more

Russian Soldiers Complain Conditions on the Battlefield: Tired, No Medical Assistance and Food

DONETSK, – Soldier Russia managed to advance slowly on the battlefield in the fierce fighting in the Donbas, but that achievement came at a high price for the troops on the front lines of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Evidence shows that the casualties of high-ranking soldiers increased, while some units russian army admit … Read more

Fans complain about expensive tickets against Switzerland. It’s nonsense, Vízek thinks

The Czech national football team in the elite group of the League of Nations tuned in with a 2: 1 victory over Switzerland. The fans were also pleased with the rather sympathetic performance against a quality opponent. What pleased them less was the price of tickets, which ranged from 890 crowns for the match in … Read more

“Here’s the circus.” Fighters complain about a mess in the army and dream of a rotation – o2

The Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine regularly intercepts the talks of Russian soldiers, which are often evidence of a lack of professionalism in the “second world army”. Soldiers comment on the order in their own army in harsh words. Mess in the army In the latest intercepted conversation, militants of … Read more

Russians complain about the lack of food. Unbelievable what they are eating – o2

The Security Service of Ukraine regularly intercepts the talks of Russian invaders, which debunk the myth about the “might of the Russian military” that propaganda talks about so loudly. The conversation on Telegram published by the services also proves that the Russians have big problems with the supply of even basic things. Dogs must eat … Read more

KRL Passengers Complain about Transit in Manggarai: Crowded-Tired

Jakarta – A number of KRL passengers complained about being jostled during transit in Jakarta Manggarai Station. Murad (27), who uses KRL to go to work admits that he is tired of having to transit and jostle. “It’s a bit heavy, because usually you go directly from Bogor to Surdirman. Quite tired, because usually Bogor-Sudirman … Read more

Alza offers a false guarantee, customers complain. Courts are already dealing with “hidden insurance”

Customers of the largest Czech online store are complaining about the false guarantee that the e-shop provides. They claim that they paid the seller for an extended warranty, but in reality it was insurance. That is, a service to which other conditions apply. Negative experiences have been described by several people for Hospodářské noviny. … Read more

You Can Say Gratitude, Feel the Results, High Cholesterol Can Drop Just with Green Beans Processed Like This, You Won’t Complain of Pain Again – All Pages

The benefits of green beans to lower high cholesterol levels in the body. – When we hear the word cholesterol, we definitely think negatively with torturous diseases in the body. In fact, cholesterol is a waxy substance that is in the bloodstream in the body. It is produced by the body and absorbed from … Read more

Residents of Ciputat Complain about the Hot Weather: It Used To Be Cool, Now It’s Hot Even At Night

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, TANGERANG – Ciputatdistrict in South Tangerang, Banten recently crowned by BMKG as the hottest area in Indonesia in the period 1 May to 11 May 2022. According to records BMKG temperature Ciputat reach 36.1 degrees Celsius. The condition of low elevation and close to the water surface is called the factor behind it. So, … Read more