Conflicts, agreements, racism and Brexit

January The Pentagon confirmed the death of the vice president of the Iraqi Shiite militias Popular Crowd, Abu Mahdi al Mohandes, and Qasem Suleimani, commander of the Quds Force of the Guardians of the Iranian Revolution, in Baghdad, Iraq. February Some 200 forest fires burned in southeastern Australia, where authorities were assessing the damage from … Read more

Apple’s supply chain in Asia strained by conflicts

The company announced that it will not expand the business with contracted companies that violate labor regulations Apple is facing armed phone terminal supply problems in Asia due to labor disputes at plants in India and China. Apple usually announces its new products in October and November, and its production targets for 2021 include a … Read more

Erdogan visits ghost town in Northern Cyprus

15. November 2020 – 17:33 Clock Istanbul (AP) – Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has visited the coastal settlement of Varosha in Northern Cyprus, which was once inhabited by Greek Cypriots, and thus re-fueled the conflict over the divided Mediterranean island. Erdogan took part on Sunday in what he himself called a “picnic” in the … Read more

Elections in Bolivia: Áñez’s management, marked by conflicts and the pandemic

The interim president promised that hers would be a short government and ended almost a whole year in power, after even an attempt to be a candidate Source: Reuters The controversy over whether his was a de facto government or complied with all the legal steps for the acephaly case after the resignation of Evo … Read more

An important territorial justice strategy to address conflicts is underfunded – Research – Justice

In the midst of the difficult panorama in the country due to the escalation of violence in recent months, which has included, this year alone, 55 massacres according to the Indepaz organization, the future of an important tool to address local conflicts is uncertain. The Models of Local and Rural Justice (MJLR), which the Ministry … Read more

Venezuela – Question & Answer – Excerpt from the press release (09.01.20)

P: Does France still consider Juan Guaidó the legitimate president of Venezuela? What is your position regarding what happened on January 5 in the Venezuelan parliament? R: France celebrates the re-election of Juan Guaidó as president of the National Assembly of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela on January 5. Consequently, for France he continues to … Read more

“Seizure of Sciensano”, “conflicts of interest”, “lack of leadership”, …: in his report to the Special Covid Commission, Yves Coppieters points to serious shortcomings

Prof. Coppieters, one of the 4 experts working with the Covid Special Commission, points out several shortcomings in the management of the crisis. “Some are in direct contact with pharmaceutical companies”, he points out, in particular … The first meeting of the special coronavirus committee in the House is due to take place this Friday. … Read more

Squint Words Triggering Neighbor Conflicts to Lead To Murder, Police Call There Are Other Motives Page all

SOUTH TAPANULI, – LHP (30), a housewife died after being mistreated by her own neighbor. The victim died on the spot as a result of being hit using a piece of wood by the perpetrators in Environment V, Janji Matogu Hamlet, Pardomuan Village, Angkola Selatan District, South Tapanuli, Friday (24/7/2020). “The perpetrators are still … Read more

At least seven dead in attack in eastern Afghanistan – politics –

18.05.2020 12:26 (Act. May 18, 2020 12:30 pm) At least seven intelligence officers were killed in a car bomb attack in eastern Afghanistan. 40 people were injured, the government of the province of Ghazni said on Monday. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack. The bomb was placed in an off-road vehicle in front of … Read more

Shooting continues in the shadow

Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Yemen: Wars often made headlines before the Corona crisis. While the world is currently looking at the virus, the pandemic has changed the situation in the crisis regions. The world is currently fighting together against an invisible enemy. In the Corona crisis, all countries have to coordinate their measures, the virus cannot … Read more