I have 8 liters! ASRock DeskMeet X300 small host out-of-the-box test Ryzen independent graphics game console

In addition to the 1.92-liter DeskMini, the ASRock mini-host has newly added the 8-liter DeskMeet X300 and B660 series. The DeskMeet X300 of the amplifier board supports a 20cm-long discrete graphics card, and has a built-in ATX 500W bronze power supply. There are also two 2.5” or A 3.5” storage device expansion space, taking into … Read more

Zelda-themed Nintendo Switch – Fan creates ‘perfect console’

Home page // Games // Nintendo // Zelda-themed Nintendo Switch – Fan creates ‘perfect console’ How could a limited-edition Nintendo Switch OLED in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (2) theme look like? A fan asked himself this question and created what is probably the “most beautiful switch” for all friends of The … Read more

I had a console with cardboard cartridges and I spent my childhood glued to it in the 90s

It was 1991, and I wanted a Game Gear, which was like the Game Boy, but in color, and that was cool for me. But for some reason, before I could enjoy the small SEGA console, a small machine arrived at my house that was basically a barcode reader. But also a fascinating RPG experience. … Read more

In Russia, they created the perfect iPhone 14: a hybrid of a smartphone and a portable console

The bold concept was called the iPhone 14 Pro Switch, because it combined the functions of a smartphone and a game console, according to the press service of Caviar. Scroll through the photo with the concept of an unusual gadget! Photo: Caviar The design of the device took into account such wishes of fans Applelike … Read more

Jacques Villeneuve console Charles Leclerc and boccia Carlos Sainz

23 Maggio 2022 Jacques Villeneuve sentence Jacques Villeneuve, in the column he keeps for the Dutch portal Formule1.nl, tried to console Charles Leclerc and he failed Carlos Sainz. “The Spaniard is making too many mistakes, he is clearly not at the level of his teammate – said the former world champion -. To keep up … Read more

The new home console ARPG “PROJECT-TRITRI” is exposed with the purpose of reproducing the kingly RPG of the 1990s

Japanese game development publisher FURYU today (5/20) opened a development code named “PROJECT-TRITRI”, the official website of the new action role-playing game, and announced that it will hold a game name prediction event on Twitter, and have the opportunity to get Amazon gift certificates. According to a part of the planning book information released so … Read more

Hong Kong Island background open world racing game “Car Soul: Infinite Race Corona” postponed to cancel the old console version- Hong Kong mobile game network GameApps.hk

“Car Soul: Infinite Race Corona/Unlimited Test Drive: Sun Crown” was originally scheduled to be released on September 22, 2022, but it was officially announced that this work will be postponed to 2023. The goal is to spend more time developing and making this work. For the most perfect gaming experience in the series. Featuring a … Read more

The Xbox Series S saw better sales than the PS5 in Japan. Gamers are eager to buy Microsoft’s console

achievementsHandler#handleClickOnArticle”> If you don’t exist, what do you like, what do you like? Sony is not able to deliver the expected number of copies to Japan, so last week in the Land of the Rising Sun, the Xbox Series S was the more-bought console from PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Microsoft’s consoles are not … Read more