Brook Retro Converter series brings together modern controllers and console classics

Markus Reiner When he first made the fateful encounter with the Windows 3.11 Entertainment Pack in his father’s office in the mid-1990s, it was all over for him. He has a pronounced preference for cinematic staged and narrated role-playing games, (action) adventure games and everything that can be classified as retro (at least from the … Read more

To console the families of the port victims… Ronaldinho in Beirut today

In solidarity with the Lebanese people, on the one-year anniversary of the Beirut port explosion, the Brazilian football star, Ronaldinho, arrives this morning in Lebanon for a visit that lasts several days. The Brazilian star is scheduled to start his tour at 3:30 pm on Wednesday from the fire brigade in the Karantina area, before … Read more

Microsoft Flight Simulator tested in this comparison of Xbox Series X | S and PC Does it fly well on console?

The Bit Analyst highlights the quality of the console port: “Asobo has done a great job.” Microsoft Flight Simulator is now available in Xbox Series X Y Xbox Series S, and there have been few players who have already taken to the skies to release the console port. Or, at least, that’s what the game … Read more

Which console best displays The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles? We know the answer

27/7/21 07:42 | Sil Hendriks | PC, PlayStation 4, Switch | 0 comments Starting today, The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles is available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. And if you’re blessed with multiple consoles, you’re probably in doubt about which platform to get this game for. Digital Foundry therefore makes this comparision video … Read more

Microsoft CEO Says XBOX Series X/S is the fastest selling XBOX console

Since the Xbox series X/S was released in November of last year and sold out, there is so much demand that it is difficult to obtain quantities easily. These results were further demonstrated in recent quarterly earnings reports from Microsoft and Microsoft. Regarding the XBOX series X/S model in this quarterly earnings release, Microsoft CEO … Read more

Price speculation before shipment! ? Valve launched the Steam Deck handheld game console, with a speculative price of up to 70,000 Taiwan dollars!

Recently, Valve, the company that has launched many video games, announced that it is open to pre-order the Steam Deck handheld game console. It hasn’t had time to compare the cost-effectiveness of the two with the Nintendo Switch. The well-known sales platform eBay has already had sellers speculating on the price from the original price … Read more

Xbox positions itself against the console war with an applauded message

The console warfare is one of the most abhorrent recurring themes that surround the world of video games. Competition among users for demonstrate which is the best system or platform to play video games it continues to this day and a clear consensus is never reached. From Xbox they are fully aware of the fight … Read more

Is this the Nintendo Switch killer? Valve announces its own game console | Tech

Game company Valve has announced its own portable game console. The new Steam Deck costs between 419 and 679 euros – and, like competitor Nintendo Switch, is a portable game console that can also connect to your TV. Valve currently operates the Steam store, where customers can purchase games for PC. The store is visited … Read more

Valve Steam Deck – Launches handheld Steam console

It’s less than two weeks ago Nintendo unveiled a new Switch console with OLED screen, and now PC gaming giant Valve is introducing its first portable gaming console: Steam Deck. Steam Deck has several design similarities with the aforementioned Nintendo Switch and consists of a 7-inch large screen with controllers on each side. On the … Read more

Nintendo Switch ushered in a powerful enemy Valve launches 3A game console Steam Deck | Anue

Nintendo’s Switch will usher in a strong competitor. On Thursday (15th), video game developer Valve launched a portable handheld game console “Steam Deck”. The company said that Steam Deck and Switch are similar in appearance, but the game presentation capability is comparable to that of an e-sports PC. Steam Deck will be available in December, … Read more