Construction of 1,233 Kilometers of Highway Potentially Delayed until 2024 Pages all

JAKARTA, – The government is still racking its brains to complete development toll road in Indonesia. The reason is, there is still homework to complete thousands of kilometers toll road until 2024. This was stated by the Director General of Public Works and Housing Infrastructure Financing Herry Trisaputra Zuna in the Webinar Market Update … Read more

Morawiecki announces a program for the construction of one thousand arched halls. “Pathological Liar Against Impact”

In the coming years, about a thousand halls are to be built all over Poland sports. – These will be halls to games in basketball, volleyball, football or tennis – said the head of government in Raszyn (Mazowieckie Voivodeship) on Wednesday. The government also presented the main principles of the program for co-financing the construction … Read more

Tiwag Tauernbach power station before the start of construction

The energy company takes stock and brings Michaela Hysek-Unterweger to the supervisory board. ‚ÄúThere is now a legally binding decision for the Construction of the Tauernbach-Gruben power plant before”, the responsible TIWAG construction manager Johann Herdina informs in a media release today: “We will now start with the tenders in order to be able to … Read more

4 people team up to build a house “Construction Simulator” 2022’s latest work will be launched in September, will be on Steam and home consoles | 4Gamers

German game publisher Astragon Entertainment announced today (23rd) that the latest work of its well-known simulation series “Construction Simulator” will be available on PC Steam and home console platforms in September 2022. The game is currently available for pre-orders on the official website. . The “Construction Simulator” series was first launched in 2011 by the … Read more

The mild winter drained supplies. Cement plants in the Czech Republic are in full swing and are not catching up

You can also listen to the interview in the audio version. We can’t keep up. And it’s not because some of the raw materials are missing, as is the case in the automotive industry for chips. We have raw materials, yet we are forced to reject customers or limit their supplies, it sounds from cement … Read more

Self-Healing Concrete, Indonesia’s Future Infrastructure Development Solution

Until now, Indonesia continues to develop infrastructure, starting from toll roads, bridges, airports, buildings, and many more. The goal is to further advance the country and improve people’s welfare. In infrastructure development in Indonesia, concrete is one of the most frequently used construction materials because it is easy to shape, the raw materials are easy … Read more

Summary in MOP: they opened a tender, destroyed the road, but the property was private and they must expropriate | bbcl_investigates

Partially stopped -and with a summary in progress- the works of a large state project with which it was sought to decongest the city of Arica are maintained. It turns out that the Ministry of Public Works tendered the initiative that exceeds 10 billion pesos, they began the work, destroyed a road, but… the land … Read more

When will Puncak Toll Road Start Construction? This is the Government’s Plan

JAKARTA, – To unravel traffic jams Peak in Bogor Regency, the government is preparing a plan to build a toll road. It is planned that the paid freeway will stretch 18 kilometers. The route includes Caringin-Cisarua-Gunung Mas. The Director General of Highways of the Ministry of PUPR, Hedy Rahadian said, the Ministry of PUPR … Read more

‘SimCity’ in Sanji and new construction simulation ‘Raysara’ to be released in spring of 2023

In general, city building simulation games tend to be played on flat ground. Set the division, raise the building, and watch the process of its development. It is a genre that gives a lot of satisfaction just by designing a city and looking at the expanding city. How about adding a little more difficulty to … Read more

Almost 6 million euros allocated to investment fund Hansa.RE, including for the construction of a solar power plant – Market News

Photo: The investment fund Hansa.RE has agreed with Swedbank on financing in the amount of 5.7 million euros for the refinancing of the acquisition of property and the construction of a solar power plant located on the roof of the office building managed by the fund at 17 Elijas Street. Solar panels have been … Read more