PMMP Profits Weighed Down by Container Crisis

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – PT Panca Mitra Multiperdana Tbk (PMMP), an issuer of shrimp-based frozen food processors, managed to record a positive performance during 2021, in terms of the top line. Quoting from the Company’s 2021 Audited Financial Report, PMMP was able to record net sales of US$ 175.8 million, an increase of 3.0% on … Read more

Jennifer Lopez and her shapeless handbag: Shipping container for 350 thousand CZK!

Fashion designers are inspired by various things in their work – the current mood, nature, colors, materials, current events … And while someone needs a muse kiss in their work, another only needs to look at an ordinary shipping container! Don’t you believe? Just look at the original accessory that the Latin American diva is … Read more

To be sent to Hong Kong, 1 Container of Packaged Cooking Oil at Tanjung Priok Port confiscated by the Jakarta Attorney General’s Office

BETWEEN PHOTOS / RIVAN EARLY LINGGA Workers carry out the loading and unloading process of containers at Tanjung Priok Port, Jakarta, Wednesday (20/4/2022). The Central Statistics Agency recorded that the value of Indonesia’s exports in March 2022 reached USD26.50 billion, an increase of 29.42 percent month to month (mtm) compared to February 2022 which amounted … Read more

Prosecutors confiscate cooking oil container in Priok, to be exported to Hong Kong

Jakarta – The DKI Jakarta High Prosecutor’s Office (Prosecutor’s Office of DKI Jakarta) continue to investigate allegations of alleged corruption cases cooking oil mafia involving PT AMJ and other companies in 2021-2022. Prosecutors have now confiscated a container containing thousands of cartons of cooking oil to be exported to Hong Kong which was found at … Read more

American mechanic fishes paintings from garbage container, turn out to be worth millions

Jared Whipple received a call in September 2017 from a friend who was clearing out an abandoned barn. The barn no longer had an owner and was sold. The building was full of paintings, drawings and statues. The friend called Whipple thinking she might appreciate her. For indoor skate park The next day Jared went … Read more

Julie Vermeire is too fast for Tanja Dexters in ‘The container cup’, but ex-miss does set a record

Julie Vermeire (23) has the duel with Tanja Dexters (45) on Thursday evening De container cup won. Vermeire was one and a half minutes faster on the compact heptathlon of the TV program on Play4 than the former Miss Belgium, who did quite well in shooting. Thursday 7 April 2022 at 21:43 De container cup … Read more

Mechanical arm hits high voltage cable, worker dies – Puglia

The victim was 30 years old. The tragedy in Salento A 30-year-old worker, Antony Turnone, from Martina Franca, was electrocuted after the mechanical arm that was maneuvering to move some containers touched a high voltage cable. The young man died on arrival at the hospital. The accident occurred in a photovoltaic plant in San Donato, … Read more

Xi Jinping-Macron Calls Jokowi, Everyone Is Confused!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) revealed that world leaders are in a state of confusion in the face of escalating world change in recent times. Jokowi admitted to receiving phone calls from a number of world leaders. Starting from French President Emmanuel Macron, Chinese President Xi Jinping, to Canadian Prime Minister Justin … Read more

the chase ends in the container yard with two gunshots

Posted on Monday, March 21, 2022 at 8:02 p.m. A chase between a suspected drug dealer and the police began last Tuesday along Boulevard Eisenhower in Tournai. The fugitive tried to flee to Lille, but took the wrong route and ended up in the container park. Last Tuesday, the Tournaisis police zone spotted a vehicle … Read more

One Container of Seized Cooking Oil to be Exported to Hong Kong

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — High Prosecutor’s Investigation Team (Kejati) DKI Jakarta confiscate one unit container with a load of 1,835 cartons cooking oil at Jakarta International Container Terminal (JICT) I Tanjung Priok Port. The cooking oil is indicated to be exported to Hong Kong. “1,835 cartons of packaged cooking oil of certain brands which will … Read more