Antonio Conte Is Really Demanding To Tottenham Players!

Jakarta – Player Tottenham Hotspur, Ryan Sessegnonreveal the effect of Antonio Conte. The Italiano is called a very demanding manager. When competing at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, Saturday (6/8/2022), Spurs won 4-1 over Southampton. The results were obtained by The Lilywhites not easily. James Ward-Prowse put Tottenham behind first. Spurs hit back with goals from … Read more

Tottenham 2022-2023 Squad Profile, Antonio Conte Don’t Complain Again

JUNG YEON-JE/AFP Antonio Conte takes charge of Tottenham’s pre-season training in Seoul, South Korea (15/7/2022). BOLASPORT.COM – See the maneuvers and completeness of the squad Tottenham Hotspur ahead Premier League 2022-2023, Antonio Conte shouldn’t complain anymore about the lack of club support. Of Premier League 2022-2023, Antonio Conte enters his first full season as coach … Read more

De Magistris disappointed by Conte, Verdi and the Italian Left. Ready to run alone

Everything can be said of the former mayor of Naples, Luigi De Magistris, unless he has confidence in his own means. His latest challenge is to stand for election. He has already presented him the symbol of him, the People’s Union, promising to “don’t give up on the mafia bourgeoisieto white-collar workers who rob public … Read more

The triangle does not. Oh yeah? The psychotreatments between Conte, Fratoianni and Bonelli

At mid-morning, Angelo Bonelli’s statements unravel a canvas that had been robustly woven in the last 48 hours. “Conte seems to me to have made the choice to bring the M5S back to its origins, we acknowledge it, it is his problem, but we are committed to building a presence that speaks of social and … Read more

Elections, De Magistris presents the People’s Union: “I sent a message to Conte, but there was silence”

“Compared to our proposal Conte was silent so perhaps he decided not to accept an invitation that could be exciting: to bring together those who want to build an alternative pole to the right and the large center of which Letta is the majority shareholder and playmaker who must distribute the shares between Calenda, Renzi, … Read more

The red-green left feels discharged, but has already found its fallback in Conte

As in the mirrors of Orson Welles (La Signora di Shangai, 1949) the anti-Melonian alliance reflects and magnifies disjointed, disharmonious images: after the days of the Great Calendiano Dilemma, now it is the red-green left that feels “uneasiness” precisely following the agreement between Democratic Party and Action. Nicola Fratoianni, suddenly in the limelight, on the … Read more

Conte tries to thaw with Di Battista, the phone call to nominate him. And he checks the Rays grain on the rules for the lists

After the fall of the Draghi governmentin view of the elections of September 25thin the M5s the return of Alessandro Di Battista seems to be getting more and more imminent. The leader of the Movement, Giuseppe Conteyesterday afternoon he would have a phone call – defined by M5s sources “frank and friendly»- with the ex … Read more

M5s parliamentarians, self-nominations from 5 to 8 August. Conte has the right to “indicate the criteria” for the lists. It is forbidden to apply to multiple colleges

“The Parliamentarians? We absolutely have to do them“. Host of the broadcast Agoraon Rai 3, Giuseppe Conte solves one of the main knots of the electoral campaign of M5s: the candidates in Parliament, or at least most of them, will be chosen by the subscribers with an online vote, as already in 2013 and 2018. … Read more

Elections, the direct – Inheritance tax for the super-rich, all against Letta’s idea. Salvini: “Those who choose the Democratic Party choose more taxes”. Conte: “We are the only useful vote, we keep our commitments”

31 Lug 202220:13 Letta: “No vetoes, we have a constructive attitude” “We do not veto, we have a constructive attitude. We are available to dialogue or discuss. Our effort is not to take 1% more than us, it is to win the elections and to continue the extraordinary and important effort that the Draghi government … Read more

Conte: I am honest with Mourinho and respect each other. We will all be challengers in the league – yqqlm

Original title: Conte: I and Mourinho treat each other honestly and respect each other, we will all be challengers in the league Conte: I am honest with Mourinho and respect each other, we will all be challengers in the league Live it, July 29. In an interview with a reporter from Gazzetta dello Sport, Tottenham … Read more