Is it true or not that Conte increased salaries by 100 euros and Meloni only by 10?

Giuseppe Conte attacks Giorgia Meloni on cutting the tax wedge. “Chatter is zero” reads a post by the Movimento 5 Stelle on Facebook which points the finger at the maneuver of the new executive which, in addition to removing the basic income from “employable” earners, would have allocated too few resources to lower employee taxes. … Read more

M5s, Conte announces the (re)birth of territorial groups: minimum 30 people and there is an obligation to register with the Movement

They were born with an official announcement of Joseph Conte the territorial groups of the 5 star movement. And there are already those who think of the Meetups, the skeleton of the original M5s and officially archived in 2015, but here it’s not just the name that’s different. “It is a true organizational revolution the … Read more

Schlein’s candidacy in a Pd that seems ready to wake up from the long night with Conte

So here she is Elly Schlein, as we wrote yesterdaytake the field with his language of great openness to the outside (it is a classic), spend oneself for a “new home”, launch into “a collective challenge” with “many and many” in the name of a “refoundation”. It is not a formal announcement (“I adhere to … Read more

“On the left. Da capo”: Goffredo Bettini presents the book in Rome with Conte, Orlando, Pini, Rangeri and Riccardi: follow the live TV

Goffredo Bettinione of the main creators and builders of the Democratic Party, presents his new book To the left. Da capo, published by Paper First. At the presentation, at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome, they take part Giuseppe Conte, Andrea Orlando, Agnes Beans, Norma Ranger e Andrea Riccardi. In the book Bettini analyzes … Read more

The pressing of Conte in Lazio, the withdrawal of Cottarelli in Lombardy and the split party on Moratti: Pd psychodrama in view of the Regionals

In Lombardy was blown away by the move of a couple of exes: Carlo Calenda e Matteo Renzi they put their hat on Letizia Morattiforcing Carlo Cottarelli to retire and creating more than a few cracks on the party’s hold. In the Lazioinstead, he is forced to chase Giuseppe Contewhich put on the table conditions … Read more

Zingaretti: “The Lazio Region has never authorized and will never authorize the incinerator. Conte breaks the center-left alliance for no reason”

“The Lazio region has never authorized and will never authorize any incinerator “. Less than 24 hours from the press conference in which Giuseppe Conte he dictated the conditions to the dem to find a common agreement for the next Regionalsthe answer came from the president Nicola Zingaretti. “I think this way Conte breaks the … Read more

Demonstrations for peace, in Rome Conte widens to the left. And Letta (disputed) moves away-

from Goffredo Buccini Whistle and “go” to the secretary of the Democratic Party. The leader of the Movement takes the stage. Among the participants also choirs of other times: “Out of Italy from NATO, out of NATO from Italy” One admonishes, pontificates and allows himself to take selfies, that I miss the Salvini of the … Read more

Conte: Klopp’s story talks about him .. “He changed the face of Liverpool”

<div id="firstBodyDiv" data-bind-html-content-type="article" data-bind-html-compile="article.body" data-first-article-body=" and contract Liverpool with club In 2015, when the team was struggling to qualify for the League Europe championsBut things changed upside down, as the German coach led them to qualify for the final of the largest European competition 3 times, and won the title in 2019. Klopp also helped … Read more

Conte, a year in Tottenham and the judgment on Bentancur: “He has only one problem …”

LONDON (England) – After qualifying for the round of 16 of the Champions League with the conquest of the first place in the group at the end, the Tottenham prepares for the Premier League. On the eve of the match against Liverpool speak out Antonio Conte who in view of the difficult commitment gives the … Read more