Marcelo Ebrard promises to continue with the 4T if he wins the presidency in 2024 Grupo Milenio

Marcelo Ebrard va for the middle classes. He winks at them: “they have always been important”. And besides, you already have a key concept for your campaign for Morena’s presidential candidacy: he wants to be recognized for deepening the legacy of Andrés Manuel López Obrador by a fourth reloaded transformation. At “4T 2.0”within the framework … Read more

Tatiana Astengo explodes because they whitewashed her filter in PHOTO: “We continue with those flaws, what are you afraid of” critical users Instagram show business trcm | SHOWS

HE CANNOT WITH HIS GENIUS. Tatiana I abstain He generated controversy again after sharing a photograph of himself and complaining about the filter that was put on him to supposedly whiten it. The actress had a photo session, however, she was not very happy with the result. “Here me, but with that terrible filter that … Read more

Galaxy Securities: Coal is expected to increase both supply and demand in 2023, and the prosperity will continue

Securities Times News, Galaxy Securities pointed out that on the supply side, domestic raw coal production increased by 5.8% year-on-year from January to February, which was higher than that in December last year, and the import side increased by 71% year-on-year; From increasing to decreasing, the growth rate of wind power and solar power generation … Read more

“Dear Augias, Renan belongs to everyone and I will continue to quote him”

Dear Director,last March 17, to celebrate the Unification of Italy, I quoted a sentence by the French thinker Ernest Renan, author of the most beautiful definition of nation I have ever read. “The nation”, writes Renan, “is a great solidarity, a plebiscite which is renewed every day and which is based on the extent of … Read more

Electric cars continue to push diesels and gasoline out of the market

The car market has undergone a number of changes over the past few years. Electric cars are gaining more and more popularity, and many manufacturers are already focusing on such cars. The European car market is growing, and more than 910 thousand were registered in January. of new cars, which shows 11 percent. annual growth. … Read more

Ukrainian forces continue to hold Bakhmut – the Pentagon is irritated

Ex-EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has warned against raising unrealistic expectations of Ukraine’s rapid accession to the EU. “I think, for the given reasons, Ukraine needs the prospect of accession, but I’m very upset about the imprudence of many politicians, also acting in the West, who are promising Ukraine a quick accession, I don’t see … Read more

Live 150-year-old pediatric Harvard professor finds an anti-aging gene switch that allows cells to continue to repair | Overseas Chinese Daily

Live 150-year-old Harvard professor of pediatrics finds an anti-aging gene switch that allows cells to continue to repair Publication Date: Sunday, March 19, 2023 Text Size: Anti-aging technology has become one of the most concerned medical projects after medical beauty. Last year, the global anti-aging market exceeded 60 billion US dollars. Wanting to delay aging, … Read more

Agata Kulesza and Przemysław Bluszcz have a relationship? Speculations continue! He is married

Gossip Yesterday, March 18 (05:58) Agata Kulesza is one of the most respected Polish actresses. And although professionally she has been at the top for years, privately she has recently been hit hard. The star divorced her husband, with whom she had been married for 14 years. The woman has come a long way to … Read more