ECB Governing Council confirms that the existence of exceptional circumstances continues to justify the exclusion of certain exposures from the leverage ratio

Press release June 18, 2021 ECB Governing Council confirms that the existence of exceptional circumstances continues to justify the exclusion of certain exposures from the leverage ratio The Board of Governors issues an opinion confirming that the exceptional circumstances justifying the exclusion of certain exposures from the leverage ratio continue to exist The opinion is … Read more

Sweden’s successful Euro 2020 march continues: Slovakia is born Sports

In the first half, the teams had almost no chance, it was a low-paced and unattractive match, but in the second half, the game came alive. The home crowd cheered when, after 59 minutes, Ludwigas Augustinsson’s charge up the middle resulted in the keeper making one of his best saves of the day. VIDEO: Eurofootball … Read more

Israel Continues to Approach Southeast Asian Muslim Countries to Establish Relations

KUALA LUMPUR, – Israel continue to try to approach the Muslim-majority country in Southeast Asia to be in a relationship. Muslim countries in Southeast Asia, namely Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam, do not have diplomatic relations with Israel. The three countries unitedly condemned Israel for the attack on the Gaza Strip last month that … Read more

Coronavirus: the number of patients continues to fall in hospitals (infographic)

The number of contaminations is also falling. Lhe number of corona patients in Belgian hospitals continues to drop sharply. Currently, 555 people with Covid-19 are in hospitals (-32%) including 236 in intensive care (-22%), Sciensano said on Friday. During the week of June 11 to 17, 37.4 patients with Covid-19 were admitted on average each … Read more

The removal of the sponsors’ drinks continues.. An Italian player removes a bottle of soda during a press conference (video) | news

17/6/2021–|Last update: 6/17/202106:22 PM (Mecca) The bottles belonging to the sponsors of the (Euro 2020) championship, which is currently being held, sparked controversy on the sidelines of the continental competition, specifically during the press conferences of the matches. The last of these events was that the Italian player (Manuel Locatelli) removed a drink from a … Read more

Scientists Suspected, Geothermal Under Indonesia Continues to Decrease

TRIBUNTIMUR.COM – The heat of the planet beneath Indonesia is believed to have decreased. This, according to the scientist, occurs because Earth’s core is tilted. As reported by Space, Wednesday (16/6/2021), scientist can only see this phenomenon when they study seismic waves, that is underground vibration produced by earthquakes. The waves pass through the dense … Read more

The music wins competitions in the Czech Republic; Chuck continues to throw over 80 meters

Latvian spear thrower Līna Mūze on Tuesday won the competition in the Czech Republic, but Gatis Čakšs was third in the match in Finland. Content will continue after the ad Advertising In his athletics competition, Kladno made a spear at a distance of 62.17 meters in his best attempt. Her other five shots did not … Read more

Szczesny’s curse continues at Euros, three times for blunders in Premiere

Nightmares or you could say a curse Wojciech Szczesny in the Euro continued on Monday with its latest blunder. Goalkeeper Poland it was making its third appearance at the tournament having featured one game in the 2012 and 2016 editions. But last night was a moment for Szczesny to forget in St Petersburg, where he … Read more