The coronavirus threat continues! The latest situation in intensive care has been viewed! ‘They risk signing and dying’ –

Hospitals and intensive care units are alarming in the coronavirus epidemic. 55 thousand daily number of cases in the 14th outbreak in Turkey has many centers now, almost all the departments again when starting to be transformed into Kovid services, intensive care units in particular is filled with young patients under 60 years old. .

WHO Continues to Recommend AstraZeneca Vaccine: Its COVID19 Benefits Outweigh Thrombosis Risks

With the information currently available, both the World Health Organization as the European Medicines Agency maintain that the AstraZeneca vaccine against coronavirus presents more benefits than risks and they recommend its use. The decision remains firm despite new findings published Wednesday by the Agency that link vaccination to rare cases of thrombosis. Dr. Sylvain Aldighieri, … Read more

The Sea of ​​Fire in the Hijaz Continues to Rumble

loading… Signs The apocalypse is near which is called Rasulullah SAW one by one is visible. Natural signs that never happened before, now also start to become reality. One of the signs of nature called the Prophet SAW is the discharge fire in the land of the Hijaz . Read also: This is Gus Baha’s … Read more

The scandal over Ursula von der Leyen’s visit to Turkey continues, and the leader of the other country got involved

“I was very saddened by the humiliation that the President of the Commission had to suffer as a result of these dictators, let us call them by their real names,” Draghis told a news conference in Rome. But the EU needs to work with leaders like Erdogan. Draghi’s speech provoked a strong reaction in Ankara. … Read more

As unrest continues in Northern Ireland, UK and Irish leaders are calling for peace

Mr Martin and Mr Johnson, who “spoke this afternoon about the events of concern in Northern Ireland”, emphasized that “the violence was unacceptable” and “called for peace”, the Irish leader’s office said. “The way forward is dialogue and work in the institutions of the Good Friday Agreement. They agreed that the two governments would continue … Read more

Vaccines in Tuscany, very fragile: for 30 thousand the unknown quantity of the new Moderna doses. Over 80: the comeback continues

Obstacle course for the second click day: the portal for the extremely vulnerable opens late and “crazy” text messages create further confusion. But only 5,000 booked a safe dose between 9 and 11 April. AstraZeneca: towards a slowdown Mario Neri 08 April 2021 FLORENCE. There are those like Luigi Pelliccioni who received the text message … Read more

Health Russian opposition leader Navalny continues to decline | NOW

The health of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny continues to deteriorate, say his lawyers, who visited him on Wednesday in the penal camp where he is being held. The Kremlin critic has been on a hunger strike for a week to enforce medical treatment. Navalny suffers from severe back pain and complains of numb legs … Read more

Erdogan continues the Istanbul Canal project despite criticism from the opposition

loading… ISTANBUL – Turkey will soon hold a tender for a large canal on the outskirts of Istanbul and lay the first stone for the project in the summer. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made that statement on Wednesday (7/4). Erdogan has continued the project despite criticism over its costs and environmental impact. Also read: … Read more

Piers Morgan continues to lash out at Harry and Meghan: “I get support from the royal family” | Royalty

RoyaltyIt is already more than clear that Piers Morgan (56) and Harry (36) and Meghan (39) are not best friends. After the former ‘Good Morning Britain’ presenter did not mince words about Meghan during a interview met Fox , Harry is now also getting the full load. Morgan also claims to have received messages from … Read more

Brutal detention and blocked internet. Oppression of protesters continues in Myanmar

Since the military junta seized power in Myanmar in early February, soldiers and police have killed at least 581 people, including dozens of children, in the crackdown on protests, according to information gathered by the Myanmar Association of Political Prisoners (AAPP). About 3,500 people were detained and 2,750 of them are still in custody, the … Read more