I don’t see a problem at my height. On the contrary, I try to use my physical

AN INTERVIEW Nigerian striker Muhamed Tijani (21), who started playing football at the age of ten, is a guest at FC MAS Táborsko from Baník. In the current year of Fortuna: National League, he has already managed to score three goals and be eliminated in the last match in Jihlava. Although he will not be … Read more

Contrary to rumors! Lily Ivanova did something unexpected SNI …

Variety prima Lili Ivanova has arranged for her niece Radmila, the older daughter of her sister Magda, who still lives with her in the capital’s Banishora district, the Telegraph writes. Contrary to rumors that she is not interested in her family, the singer has been taking care of them for years and helping them not … Read more

VW: The chip problem isn’t getting better, quite the contrary! – Magazine – Car

The number of cars that VW has not yet produced this year due to the chip crisis represents a “higher six-digit number”. Analysts estimate that up to five million cars will not be produced globally because of it. Photo: TASR/AP The VW Group did not produce hundreds of thousands of cars this year due to … Read more

Sparta can fill the stadium in Monaco! Don’t go to Budapest, on the contrary, stitching is urging

Both irreconcilable rivals will hit the 3rd qualifying round of the Champions League. After the elimination of Rapid, Sparta Vienna will play its first match with Monaco on Tuesday at Letná and is already allowed to sell out the entire stadium. Slavia starts on Wednesday at Ferencváros and urges its fans not to go to … Read more

Vaccination obligation, Pacifico (Anief): “Problems are not solved this way, on the contrary. The government should become aware of the situation” [INTERVISTA]

We are moving towards the compulsory vaccination for teachers and Ata. The government is increasingly determined and this solution will certainly be on the agenda at today’s meeting between the Minister of Education, Patrizio Bianchi and the trade union forces. A School horizon the president of Anief intervenes, Marcello Pacifico: “Introducing compulsory vaccination does not … Read more

Chip manufacturer: The supply situation is not improving, on the contrary – People – Economy

The solution to the semiconductor crisis is in sight, the new European factory will not help solve the situation. Photo: TASR, Matthias Balk German chip maker Infineon says the solution to the semiconductor crisis is in sight. Problems with global chip supply have worsened in some sectors. Current trends, such as teleworking, have contributed to … Read more

Sunscreens on the test: which ones should be avoided and, on the contrary, which are the best rated?

Which sunscreen to choose for this summer? Every year, we ask ourselves the same question: are the price differences between all these creams really justified? Julie Frère, from Test-Achats, was present on the RTL INFO Bienvenue set to answer this question. Traditionally at this time, Test-Achats publishes the big test of sunscreens and after-sun creams, … Read more

The Supreme Court criticized the verdict on Kočner as contrary to elementary logic – Domestic – News

VIDEO: Peter Kubina, Kuciakov’s representative, on the Supreme Court ruling. “The Supreme Court found that the court of first instance ruled prematurely, insufficiently reasoned the judgment, evaluated some evidence without interrelationship and also assessed evidence that it did not take,” said Peter Paluda, chairman of the three-member Senate of the Supreme Court. “If the Specialized … Read more

Health | Do you hate mosquitoes? They, on the contrary, are likely to love you more and more

(ETX Studio) – Many of us dread mosquito bites when summer rolls around. Unfortunately, mosquitoes could bite us even more in the years to come. The reason ? Urbanization and global warming. We already knew that global warming would accelerate the proliferation of mosquitoes. New research on the Aedes Egypti mosquito, more commonly known as … Read more