The Municipality of Pisa grants a school gymnasium for “Military gymnastics” lessons. Teaching staff: “Contrary to school values”

If you would like it for yours son and’activities based “on the use of spirit e body dynamics of membership military“, Which puts in place a method” able to force with due aggression resistant barriers psycho-cultural“, All through a“ commitment that serves to create cohesion as in barracks military “, you should go to Pisa. … Read more

Is white noise good for your concentration? On the contrary. And classical music doesn’t help either

Rainfall, a buzzing air conditioner or a roaring engine, this so-called white noise would improve your concentration and therefore your performance. And even your sleep will benefit, if you are to believe the many apps and YouTube videos. However, science has its doubts. In the past, people thought that classical music had a similar effect. … Read more

Contrary to the original plans, Pogačar will not ride the Vuelta

Pogačar made his debut on the Grand Tour at the Vuelta in 2019 and immediately shone with an overall third place. The reigning three-time champion is his compatriot Primož Roglič, but he leaves his start in Spain open after falling at the Tour. Pogačar’s remaining program until the end of the season was published on … Read more

The parliamentarians and the pension obtained by a hair. On the contrary: for a day | Today Treviso | News

<!– –> ITALIA – Notice right away that this is a biased article. My. But also of all men (and women, ever) of good will (even if I don’t know where the good one has gone). Notice that I am writing with a nervous finger (and nose). So any typos, yields or lexical discolouration are … Read more

Contrary to what was reported by Russia, none of the HIMARS delivered to Ukraine have been destroyed

HIMARS high-mobility medium-range guided missile systems produced by the United States. Photo: Giuseppe Cacace / AFP / Scanpix So far, the Russian military has not destroyed any of the US mobile rocket launchers (HIMARS) supplied to Ukraine, said the chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, Mark Milley. “So far the Russians have not … Read more

Champions League: The Czech coefficient is celebrating, four rivals have lost. On the contrary, Slovan sensationally turned the match around

Source: AC Sparta Prague Sparta Prague only drew 0:0 in the preliminary round of the European Conference League at Letná, although they had much more football quality from the match. However, the Prague team is massively criticized by its fans on social networks, do you agree with some of the comments? Apparently it was not … Read more

Finance forgives debt of one million euros contrary to the decision of the director-general | PUBLIC Investigation

A private company has occupied a public building for 21 years, which it contractually obliged to leave in 2002. If it did not do so, it would have to pay a fine of 50 contos a day (250 euros) thereafter. In 2006, while the illegal occupation continued and when the debt already exceeded 350 thousand … Read more

contrary to the association, the national union of distributors maintains the national strike of June 29 and 30

Rthrowing a “unilateral decision” of the Association of Professionals in the Distribution of Butane Gas in Morocco, the National Union of LPG Distributors announced the maintenance of the national strike scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday next, we learn from a press release from the association relayed by several national media. Denouncing its exclusion from the … Read more

ANTOŠ’S BLADE: Hadamczik must throw the grenade at the union on the contrary! Otherwise they will fool him

He succeeded mainly because his opinion was heard. Everyone heard him – from the people in the extraleague to those in the third highest competition. The message of the electors is clear, they no longer want what happened under the King. He longs for change. They were also touched on what was happening in the … Read more

Contrary to what Nancy Ajram did… What Hamada Hilal did at the time of the Maghrib call to prayer while singing on stage shocked all the audience and was unbelievable!

2022/06/09 It’s 04:10 AM Island Bay | Follow Favorite The star, Nancy Ajram, managed to attract attention after she performed only two of the five songs she was supposed to present at her last concert in Saudi Arabia, which she performed last December, at the conclusion of the Middle East Festival in Riyadh. Actress Nancy … Read more