Cristina Pérez questioned one of the controversies surrounding L-Gante: “They are using it” | DiaryShow

L-Gante He is one of the artists of the moment, regardless of what he does musically. His personality fell very well with millions of people, which is why he became very popular in recent months. However, this also brought him some problems such as criticism of personalities. Although before he had questions from Patricia Sosa … Read more

The history and controversies of the Comenda

By Maria Moreira Rato and Joana Mourão Carvalho The Herdade da Comenda located in the Arrábida Natural Park, in Setúbal, whose main attraction is its palace, designed by the architect Raul Lino, in 1903, to serve as a summer residence for the French minister, Conde D’Armand, is a place with centuries of history. Proof of … Read more

Kim Dong-wan, controversies over support for prostitution completion → Apologies for “overdrinking in judgment”[종합]

Group Shinhwa member Kim Dong-wan had an argument with fans by publicly cheering for MC the Max’s Isu, who had been prosecuted for prostitution for minors in the past. Amid the controversy, Kim Dong-wan issued a handwritten apology. On the morning of the 1st, Kim Dong-wan uploaded a video of Isu singing on the stage … Read more

Gualtieri and the failure to invite the center-right mini-mayor: denials and controversies

A meeting “Political and non-institutional, called to wish you a good job at the beginning of your mandate”, which resulted in a table in which the synthesis of the priorities and criticalities of the various territories of Rome was inevitably made. So from the Capitol they explain thelast Thursday meeting between the new mayor Roberto … Read more

New Musk-Bezos quarrel: conquering space between controversies, causes and poisonous tweets

Who does not dream of being filthy rich, perhaps to stop working and enjoy life. Exactly what the two richest men in the world do not do, Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk, who instead prefer to fight with each other. With the first who writes controversial letters and the other who replies acidly on social … Read more

Stéphane Breda, our arbitration consultant, discusses the controversies between Belgium and Portugal: “It was catastrophic” (videos)

Posted on Monday, June 28, 2021 at 7:41 p.m. Through Jean-Francois Patte Stéphane Breda, our refereeing consultant, returned to the Belgium-Portugal match this Sunday in the round of 16 of the Euro. The refereeing of Felix Brych (45) caused a lot of ink to flow this Sunday and Monday. At the whistle of the round … Read more

Paulina Rubio: 50 years of triumphs, controversies and songs

The controversies and success have gone hand in hand with the Mexican singer Paulina Rubio, who turns 50 this Thursday. His hoarse voice and his Spanish accent have given a particular and unmistakable touch not only to his music, but to his image. Controversy settled in his life from the unforgettable physical fight that he … Read more

Champions League today: surprises, disappointments and controversies in the round of 16 | Analysis 2020 | Champions League

This Saturday the round of 16 phase ended, quite atypical after a long pause due to the covid-19 pandemic. Eight teams advanced to the quarterfinals and already The keys, dates and times of these final phases are defined. The day of the remaining matches (Barcelona-Napoli, Real Madrid, -Manchester City, Bayern-Chelsea and Juventus Lyon) left great … Read more