Coronavirus will unlock cancer

Scientists have found that the spike protein in the Covid-19 virus kills lung cancer cells. The method worked in mice. The scientific world is now debating whether the key to lung cancer is in Covid-19. Covid-19, which has claimed the lives of 6 million people worldwide, may hold clues to curing cancer. In laboratory studies, … Read more

Hong Kong Shortens Coronavirus Quarantine, Retains Mask-Wearing Rules Outdoors – Bloomberg

Hong Kong authorities announced on the 8th that they would ease measures against the new coronavirus. The quarantine period for those who tested positive and had close contacts will be shortened from seven days to five days at the shortest. Health official Libby Lee made the announcement. The new rules will apply from the 9th. … Read more

Corona virus: the number of people treated in the hospital doubled in one week

The latest coronavirus data arrived on Wednesday morning. A government information portal according to published statistics: in the last week, a total of 4,704 new infections were confirmed, which is slightly more than it was a week ago (4259); 50 patients died after last week’s 42 victims; the number of active infections decreased to 13,084 … Read more

Index – Domestic – Almost five thousand were infected in one week in Hungary

Based on the data, the operative team established that the epidemic continues to be moderate in Hungary, which is partly due to the high vaccination rate. The virus continues to pose the greatest threat to the unvaccinated, which is why they are still being asked to get vaccinated. The booster vaccination is recommended for everyone … Read more

Long Covid, symptoms can change over time. I study

Health and wellness Covid and flu, how to recognize the two infections If fever, headache, respiratory disorders and muscle pains unite the two infections, nausea and vomiting could instead make it clear that it is coronavirus. The incubation is also different: shorter for the flu and longer for Covid. The health authorities are pushing for … Read more

Infections of COVID-19 and influenza increase at Christmas time

The number of deaths and hospitalizations due to the COVID-19 on the island has been steadily increasing since October and, weeks away from the Christmas holidays, health experts point out that it is urgent to take measures to protect the most vulnerable. The Health Department reported today, Tuesday, 16 new deaths from the virus, for … Read more

Covid, a nasal spray could reduce positivity days. I study

According to a prospective controlled open-label study, a saline-based nasal spray would be able to reduce swab positivity by 2 days. The research was conducted by Luca Cegolon of the University of Trieste, and by Giuseppe Mastrangelo of the University of Padua Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date According to one studio … Read more

No, it’s not in the mind: how long covid presents us with “a major social problem”.

© Jan Goossens/Sebastian Steveniers Millions of people worldwide continue to suffer from concentration problems, shortness of breath or fatigue for months after their corona infection. Millions more will follow. “Long covid is a major social challenge.” Maxie Eckert Monday, December 5, 2022 at 4:30 PM