This is what we know about the emerging Delta variant of the coronavirus

Furthermore, the variant also prevails in Russia – 90 percent of all corona cases – and Portugal. The latter country registered 1,350 new infections last Wednesday, which is the largest increase in months. In the capital Lisbon, 60 percent of cases originate from this mutation. Delta has also been found in the Netherlands, but how … Read more

Study reveals that covid-19 leads to cognitive and behavioral problems in patients

Memory, spatial awareness and information processing problems were identified as possible sequelae of the virus in post-covid-19 patients who were followed up for eight weeks. In addition, Italian physicians conclude that one in five patients reported post-traumatic stress disorder (16% of patients experienced depressive symptoms). Conducted in Italy, this investigation involved tests of neurocognitive abilities … Read more

End of respirators within reach. Vojtech said when and where we would take them off first

Respirators could end in some indoor spaces on July 1. However, we would not fully document respiratory protection; surgical drapes will certainly remain mandatory. This will also be a great relief for many people. Especially allergy sufferers or asthmatics breathe much harder in respirators. Minister of Health Adam Vojtěch (for YES) told Czech Television that … Read more

Who gets vaccinated this week that begins against the coronavirus in Castellón

The vaccination process, the main remedy to slow the advance of the coronavirus. EFE The COVID-19 vaccination teams of the Ministry of Universal Health and Public Health will administer a total of 360,883 doses of the four authorized vaccines against the coronavirus throughout the next week. Valencia Community and, therefore, in the province of Castellón. … Read more

Large increase in bookings of trips abroad

On Friday, the government announced changes in the travel councils abroad from 5 June. Throughout large parts of the pandemic, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has recommended Norwegians not to travel abroad unless it is strictly necessary. At the same time as the travel advice has now been changed, you may still have to be … Read more

Susana Giménez’s health showed a “marked improvement” – News

The host Susana Giménez is on her tenth day of hospitalization for coronavirus at the Cantegril Sanatorium in Punta del Este, Uruguay, where she is “very well, with marked improvement” and needs “less and less requirement for respiratory support.” This was reported by the official medical report shared by his personal secretary, Dolores Mayol, who … Read more

Vaccination campaign comes to a standstill at the beginning of July: who will not …

Vaccines are thawed in the AZ Blasius (Dendermonde). — © Jimmy Kets Many first shots will also be taken in the coming week. But at the beginning of July, the campaign comes to a halt. If you have not received the first shot by then, you risk having to wait until August. Dries De Smet … Read more

New side effect of coronavirus discovered! British scientists discovered a new damage of the virus.

class=”cf”> Our lives for about 2 years Coronavirus (covid-19), world It cost the lives of nearly 4 million people worldwide. With the epidemic, Kovid-19 became the number one agenda of the scientific world. Hundreds of studies are being done around the world to better understand the virus. With each study, we learn something new about … Read more

Life-threatening baby cannot be operated on due to lack of beds

According to her family, a baby affected by heart disease remains at risk of life, who has not been able to be operated on for lack of beds in a Hospital in the Metropolitan region. The baby is currently in the pediatric ICU of the Clínica Alemana de Valdivia. He is in provisional treatment that … Read more

who gets vaccinated this week

File – A health worker with a vial of the AstraZeneca vaccine against Covid-19. Eduardo Sanz – Europa Press – Archive The COVID-19 vaccination teams of the Department of Universal Health and Public Health will administer a total of 360,883 doses of the four authorized vaccines against the coronavirus during the next week. Specifically, 281,255 … Read more