Yun Jin the Genshin Impact character that cost miHoyo the most

If you are one of the many users of Genshin Impact, you will know that one of the novelties of the most recent update of was the addition of 2 new characters. Well, one of them was Yun Jin, an interesting young woman who, despite not being of 5-star rarity, caught the eye a lot. … Read more

Treatment of a cat from non-existent heart disease in Latvia has cost 20,000 euros

Questions about veterinary services and their prices were researched by the LTV program “Forbidden Technique”, one of the stories reveals the case when a cat owner has spent 20,000 euros for a non-existent heart count. Cat Lācis has been treated for heart disease for a long time, spending almost 20 thousand euros on treatment, medicines … Read more

Its teeth can cost you thousands of euros: this is how you keep stone martens away from your car or house

© CACKO Breakdown helpers see the number of interventions for marten damage to cars increase year after year. Now that it’s cold at night, those predators seek out warm places. And with their razor-sharp teeth, they don’t just bite through cables, but they can also rage in your home. How can you protect yourself against … Read more

She gave the hotel a negative opinion. It may cost her 360,000. zloty

One of the tourists gave an unflattering review to a hotel in Thailand, listing exactly what things she didn’t like Upon seeing the customer’s opinion, the hotel apologized to her but removed the apology shortly afterwards It ended up that the owners of the resort changed the narrative and moreover made demands to it, expecting … Read more

With two hundred kilometers per hour in a new car on the A28 near Zwolle, driver will cost a driver’s license

We would like to know in which area you live, so that we can offer you more news from your own region. That is why we would like to know your location when you visit the RTV Oost website. The information about your place of residence or other data is collected anonymously and never shared … Read more

At exorbitant prices: the cost of video cards continues to break records | Articles

The end of the New Year holidays did not bring relief to those wishing to upgrade their computer hardware. Prices for components for personal computers, and first of all for a key element of high-performance machines for demanding games or activities like video editing – video cards, remain at prohibitively high levels. Most consumers in … Read more

Redmi Note 11 with a new chipset should cost 250 euros in Europe

Xiaomi is currently preparing the Redmi Note 11 for the world markets. Several certifications have been bagged in different markets and regions. Now a report from MySmartPrice the price and an interesting hardware change. The phone will reportedly start at €250 in Europe and will have three different memory combinations. Color options include Star Blue, … Read more

how much does coffee at a bar cost in Italy

In Italy, breakfast at the bar risks becoming a “case”, due to the patchy increases in the prices of coffee, cappuccino and croissants at the bars of the peninsula, reported by Assoutenti. Expensive-breakfast: Assoutenti’s complaint Assoutenti, an association that deals with protecting and promoting the fundamental rights of consumers, in particular of users of public … Read more

Pads and masks: how much does the emergency cost. Stinging of 4,800 euros per family

Annual expense for masks and exams A salty, indeed very salty virus. In addition to the ideal price that Covid imposes in terms of lost life, there is another extremely tangible one that hits the accounts of Italians: having Ffp2 masks and regularly undergoing anti-Covid tampons is a real drain on families, especially if the … Read more

Euribor increase to 1% would cost families 63 million/month – Empresas

The possible rise in Euribor would worsen mortgage loans, when families are still recovering from the crisis and are facing rising prices, with an increase to 1%, meaning another 61 million euros/month paid to banks. Deco/Dinheiro&Direitos made calculations if Euribor changed from its current values, from around -0.5% to 1% – taking into account the … Read more