Ford admits tough times ahead: warns of rising costs

The company “Ford Motors suffered its worst decline in more than a decade, saying that inflation caused supplier cuts in the current quarter. expenses will be 1 billion US dollars higher than forecast, joining major corporations warning of challenges shaking the economy. The automaker will announce the results in October. Currently, it forecasts 1.4-1.7 billion. … Read more

OCP: an issue of commercial paper to optimize costs

The Moroccan Capital Market Authority (AMMC) approved the implementation of the OCP group’s commercial paper issuance program. With a ceiling of 7.5 billion dirhams, this issue will enable OCP to meet occasional cash needs generated by variations in working capital requirements during the year, optimize its financing costs and diversify its sources of funding. The … Read more

Energy bills from hundreds of thousands to millions of euros: they too are in trouble due to energy costs

It is difficult for them to pass on the increased energy bill to their customers, or at least to a very limited extent, because this concerns students, patients or rest home residents. And so schools, hospitals and other institutions are looking for creative solutions, from providing extra blankets to postponing maintenance work. But they mainly … Read more

More and more British women become prostitutes after living costs are getting more expensive

London – Cost of living in English dramatically increased, especially electricity bills. This makes many British women who decide to become commercial sex workers (CSWs) to meet their needs. Can not eat Nearly 11 million people are now in arrears on their bills, while more than 5 million people do not eat to be able … Read more

Good news: all parents will be reimbursed 96% of childcare costs from 2025

Good news, also for parents with low incomes: as of 1 January 2025, all parents will be reimbursed 96 percent of the costs for childcare. That used to be 95 percent, which means that the lowest incomes that are already being reimbursed 96 percent would fall. ‘As a social childcare facility, we have argued strongly … Read more

Rising energy costs: What economists think about new taxes and consumer price caps

The University of Chicago Booth invited leading European and American economists to debates at the IGM Forum to express their views on whether a windfall tax could be effectively implemented with revenues used to provide relief to poorer households, and what impact it would have on incentives for companies and consumers. The experts were asked … Read more

Energy-intensive manufacturing companies will have state support to compensate for the increase in energy costs

Approved at the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers on September 20 Ministry of Economy the developed support program for energy-intensive processing industry merchants of Russia for mitigating the consequences of military aggression against Ukraine on the economy, informs the Ministry of Economy. Content will continue after the ad Advertising Minister of Economy Ilze Indrikson … Read more

It’s not just those with loans that will see their costs rise – here’s how much we should be willing to put aside each month

– The ECB has raised the base interest rates, but there are still predictions that this may not be the last increase. How does this affect residents and businesses? – This shows that inflation in the euro zone has reached record highs – 9.1 percent. This is the highest level in its entire history, there … Read more