This is how we counted Barcelona’s victory over Real Madrid in the Liga clásico | Sports

To the rhythm of the Flintstones song, the Barcelona fans chanted the name of Robert Lewandowski to try to boost the morale of their star striker. But the Polish muses are on vacation: he has scored two goals in the last 10 games in the League. With Lewandowski missing, plus the injuries to Pedri and … Read more

“I saw the fire approaching my roof, I counted the minutes until the firefighters arrived”

It was around 4 a.m. when the alert was given following a fire at number 158 in rue Louis Pépin in Colfontaine. Firefighters from three barracks – Mons, Dour and Saint-Ghislain – intervened. A pumper from Mons, a self-ladder and a tank from the Saint-Ghislain substation, a pumper and a tank from the Dour substation, … Read more

Votes are being counted – in municipal and mayoral elections, irregularities are inevitable, turnout reaches almost 49 percent.

Until 3 p.m. 37 percent voted in the municipal elections. voters In municipal elections until 3 p.m. 37.29 percent voted. voters, according to the data of the Central Election Commission (CEC). By 3 p.m. on the election day on Sunday, 27.88 percent of voters came to the ballot boxes. voters, another 9.41 percent. they voted … Read more

Embiid hits from the other end of the court, but the shot is not counted – “76ers” lose to “Celtics” in drama – Basketball –

• Boston “Celtics” winning long shot with 1.3 seconds left was made by Jayson Tatum, who finished the match with 18 points, 13 rebounds and six assists. • Joel Embiid made a desperate attempt to break out of overtime and managed to hit a shot from the other end of the court, but the Philadelphia … Read more

Corrupt officials were searched and filled a truck full of alcohol and tobacco with cash at home, “5 money counters counted for 5 hours” | International | CTWANT

Corruption cases can occur in many countries. Fu Guoping, former deputy director of the Standing Committee of the People’s Congress of Xiangtan City, Hunan Province, China, was investigated for serious violations of discipline and law. He was expelled from the party and public office in January this year. The investigators found a large number of … Read more

Guaidó’s interim, with the hours counted: what do the primaries look like in Venezuela? | news today

The interim government of Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó is nearing its end. Photo: EFE – Rayner Peña R. On Thursday, three major Venezuelan opposition parties took the first step to dissolve the interim government of Juan Guaidó, after visible fractures with this platform. According to Primero Justicia (PJ), Un Nuevo Tiempo (UNT) and Acción … Read more

“What I counted on is not easy”

after passing it Critical health crisis She occupied her fans and fans in the Arab world over the past two weeks, the Egyptian star Angham broke her silence, to confirm that what she went through was not easy. The owner of a “very special case” said, in her first media intervention after her recovery via … Read more

France – Poland 3:1: Poles lost, but some of them were great. Not the ones we most counted on

One of the best in the match against France was the one who completely failed in the group stage, that is Matty Cash Robert Lewandowski’s poor match ended with his goal from the penalty spot, although in the first approach Lloris saved his shot. Unlawful – the referee ordered a replay Bartosz Bereszyński played a … Read more

“FIFA” explains with evidence why Japan’s goal against Spain was counted (video)

The International Federation of Football Associations, “FIFA”, explains the reasons for calculating the goal that sparked controversy in the match that brought together Japan and Spain. The shot that sparked controversy in Japan’s match with Spain (Getty Images) The Japanese team defeated SpainYesterday, Friday, with two goals to one, in the third and final round … Read more

Denmark’s magical goalkeeper: When he was playing football, he counted mathematics and was scored. At the age of 37, he won the Nobel Prize and created quantum mechanics | T客邦

He missed a great save because of a math problem. Since then, there has been one less goalkeeper Bohr and one more scientist Bohr in the world. He is the well-known founder of quantum mechanics Niels Henrik David Bohr (Niels Henrik David Bohr). Because of the research on atomic structure and quantum theory, he won … Read more